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Dräger ChargeAir Systems Quick Fill Station

Dräger ChargeAir Systems

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Dräger ChargeAir Systems

​Supply-independent ChargeAir stations from Dräger allow direct refilling of compressed air cylinders on-site, even while in use during tunneling or mining operations. As a result, workers and emergency crews have an uninterrupted supply of breathing air at their disposal when fighting fires or escaping to safety, without having to remove their compressed air breathing apparatus.

No equipment change-out during escape

​In an emergency situation when visibility is minimal, the atmosphere is toxic and panic sets in, changing out escape equipment becomes increasingly difficult. With the Draeger ChargeAir SCBA refill system, the units are not exchanged during an escape, but rather recharged while donned and breathing clean air.

Low breathing resistance

​An SCBA utilizes a positive pressure system, which means that breathing air flows into the face piece upon each inhalation. In addition, the air is cool due to the expansion from compression.

Train with actual equipment

Training is accomplished using the actual equipment. When completed, simply clean the units, refill cylinders and put equipment back into storage. ​


Wearing a full face mask makes verbal communication possible, which is very important in an emergency.

Wider range of vision

The Panorama Nova full face mask provides over 90% of the field of vision.​

Custom designed to your needs

At Dräger we recognize that each mines' needs are different, which is why we can custom design systems to meet your needs, increase your safety standards and save you money. Whether fighting underground fires or escaping, please contact us for further information. ​


Product Information, Dräger ChargeAir Systems, en-us
Product Information, Dräger ChargeAir Systems, en-us


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