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Device Utilization Analytics

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Device Utilization Analytics

​Consolidate all relevant device data across your connected fleet. In a comprehensive overview, Device Utilization Analytics helps you to build a database for procurement decisions. For increased cybersecurity and performance, the current device status can be easily monitored in real time, the usage history can be checked and the current software status of the devices can be verified.

Increased transparency regarding device usage

​Get near real-time visibility into your devices' usage rates and standby times to check your devices' performance. You can improve clinic-wide visibility into software status and updates to avoid security vulnerabilities. In addition, Device Utilization Analytics provides information about your connected device fleet – for high performance and to avoid operational malfunctions. This is how you keep your investment data up to date.

Clinic-wide overview – whenever you need it

​Select a specific department or the entire hospital to continuously receive individual or aggregate data on device usage. You can also choose between different product categories – such as anesthesia workstation, device connectivity, neonatal intensive care unit, patient monitoring and ventilation, and respiratory monitoring – to get the desired overview of devices. You can make comparisons and generate reports to review your change process.

A comprehensive, valid database for future purchasing decisions

Save costs through usage analyses and the optimization of the equipment fleet based on basic data. You can easily see how many hours a particular device has been in use, and Device Utilization Analytics shows at a glance which devices are used the most and least often. This allows you to use your devices more evenly and avoid irregularities in use.

Dräger Connect – our central platform for your digital health services

​Benefit from additional data-driven services on Dräger Connect, our platform for digital health services. Use the potential of the data that Dräger devices provide you, combined with our application and technical expertise, to improve acute care.

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