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Exterior Live Fire Training System (ELFTS) the QUAD Fire Simulation Systems

Exterior Live Fire Training System (ELFTS) the QUAD

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Exterior Live Fire Training System (ELFTS) the QUAD

Using the QUAD system, firefighters are able to train on fire scenarios with multiple different propane-based props, including a locker, pallet, cylinder, flange, or customer specific prop designs.

Realistic fire simulation

Intense radiant heat teaches firefighters the importance of approaching the fire with the wind at their backs and a wide angle fog stream between them and the fire. Interchangeable mock-ups allow the instructors to vary the appearance and flame signature of the fires. All fires can be controlled via a remote control panel or a hand-held pendant at the location of the training.

Customer-specific solutions

The Dräger QUAD training system provides you with a tool based on your individual requirements, including cracked tank fire training systems, burning valves, and liquid spills.

Four separately controlled areas allow the QUAD to generate intense, challenging fires over a 25 to 100 sq. ft. surface area. Two-stage fires in each area allow you to quickly vary the intensity of the fire. Additional auxiliary connections for fires on certain props are also available.

Available props:

  • Pallet with boxes
  • Propane storage locker
  • 250 gallon vertical propane tank
  • 500 gallon horizontal fuel tank

Safe training conditions

The system is designed in accordance with relevant NFPA and CSA codes and guidelines.


the QUAD Product Information, en-us
the QUAD Product Information, en-us


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