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Filter/ HME

​The use of heat and moisture exchanger (HME) filters and breathing system filters in the OR, the ICU, as well as other settings, helps to address concerns commonly associated with mechanical ventilation: proper humidification of inspired air and cross-infection. In order to support you in your work and to properly address these specific challenges, we offer an extensive portfolio of high-performing HME filters and breathing system filters, including TwinStar® Plus family filters.

TwinStar® Plus Family Filters

​​Offering patients a comfortable and quick recovery while managing cost of care are clinical goals you strive for every day. We designed our TwinStar Plus breathing system filters/HMEs to combine all the advantages of our filter (CareStar Plus or SafeStar Plus) and HME (HumidStar Plus) portfolio—to help you save on costs and promote patient healing. They efficiently humidify and heat the inspired air of the ventilator-dependent patient. Additionally, with their high bacterial and viral filtration efficiency rates they exceptionally sustain infection prevention. Our TwinStar Plus portfolio supports the protection of your patient from potentially present microorganisms in the inspired air as well as safeguards the ventilator breathing system from airborne microorganisms that the patient exhales. To further increase patient safety, the TwinStar HEPA Plus is highlighted by a hydrophobic filter membrane of coated glass fibre. This membrane prevents the passage of contaminated fluids (e.g. blood, sputum, condensate) under normal pressure conditions of mechanical ventilation.

360 Product View

Draeger-Filter-and-Heat-and-moisture-exchanger 360


Filter HME, BR, EN
Filter HME, BR, EN


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Accessory Catalogue 2023, en


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