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Dräger Flow Check

The Dräger Flow Check air current indicator produces a harmless cloud of smoke that floats freely and easily, because it has the same density as ambient air. Consequently, slight air currents become visible to easily identify leaks and test the integrity of air-tight systems.

Better room temperature and air quality

For the optimal setting of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, air flows have to be located accurately and precisely. Using the Flow Check air flow indicator even the slightest air movement is made visible, so the origin, direction and relative speed can easily be detected. The device produces a cloud of smoke, that floats freely and easily, because it has the same density as ambient air.

Harmless smoke

The Dräger Flow Check consists of one device for the smoke production and an ampoule containing smoke-generating fluid (an alcohol mixture that is harmless to the environment). A small heating element in the head of the instrument heats the fluid, which condenses on contact with the ambient air.

Easy to use

The ergonomically designed, hand-held instrument is light weight and offers a single button for ease of operation. Pressing the button for a few seconds creates short burts of smoke or continuous smoke by pressing and locking the button.

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