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Dräger Gas Consumption Analytics Data-Driven Solutions

Dräger Gas Consumption Analytics

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Dräger Gas Consumption Analytics

​Gas Consumption Analytics provides data on the consumption of anaesthetic gases. The dashboard provides access to important clinical, economic and environmental data from your connected Dräger anesthesia devices. With Gas Consumption Analytics, comprehensive management is possible: from fresh gas flow to patient intake – improving patient care and reducing department costs.

Transparency in the consumption of anesthetic gases

Get clinical and economic data on the anesthetic consumption of your anesthesia devices of the Dräger Perseus® A500 and Atlan® product families. Create transparency with regard to consumption/absorption, efficiency, costs and fresh gas flows used as a basis for cost reduction in anesthesia.

Calculation of CO₂ equivalents

​Gas Consumption Analytics provides transparency and visualizes the emissions caused by used anesthetics. Since the climate-damaging effect of volatile anesthetics is significantly greater than that of carbon dioxide, you can calculate the calculated CO2 equivalents quickly in the form of a distance travelled by a car.

Display of fresh gas flow settings

​Gas Consumption Analytics provides an overview of the intake settings for anesthesia procedures. This enables the implementation of low- and minimal-flow practices to protect patients. With the help of these practices, the temperature and humidification of respiratory gases can be optimally controlled for lung-sparing ventilation of patients.

Data export option

​For individual reporting purposes or future analyses, the collected data can be exported from Dräger Connect to a spreadsheet.

High level of data security

​The Dräger Connect® cloud solution focuses on security and data protection. Only device data is transmitted, collected and evaluated. The data is transferred securely from the ServiceConnect® Gateway installed in the hospital network via a secure VPN tunnel to the Microsoft Azure cloud storage. Authorized users can access Dräger Connect applications from desktop PCs or mobile devices via a secure connection to the cloud server.

Available on Dräger Connect: Our central platform for your digital health services

Dräger Connect is your cloud-based suite of digital health applications that support data-driven decisions. In addition to OR Companion, Dräger Connect also includes dashboards to analyze your fleet management, anesthesia efficiency and alarm management.

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