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Infinity® CNAP™ SmartPod® Patient Monitoring Pods

Infinity® CNAP SmartPod®

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Infinity® CNAP SmartPod®

The Infinity® CNAP (Continuous Noninvasive Arterial Pressure) SmartPod® provides a simple, accurate method for measuring systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure. Simply slip the sensor cuff onto the patient’s fingers. Once applied, the patient monitor continuously displays the arterial pressure values and pressure waveform. CNAP offers a fast and simple way to create a continuous blood pressure reading.

Offers flexibility and ease of use

The CNAP pod is easy to apply and has reusable sensor cuffs, saving on costly disposables. It can go on patient transport in the hospital because it can be mounted on an IV pole. High fidelity trending data allow a comprehensive view of the patient’s status at the bedside and on transport. Staff can easily adjust alarm limits to meet the needs of each patient

Bridges the gap between NBP and arterial line

The CNAP solution can improve time to intervention because it provides the clinical utility (i.e., beat-to-beat vigilance) of the invasive arterial line – with user convenience and simplicity of a noninvasive cuff. It bridges the gap in many situations when NBP is not enough, and an arterial line is just too invasive and complicated.

Provides real-time hemodynamic management

Photoplethysmograph sensors (light-emitting diode and detector) are integrated into the sensor cuff. While the sensor detects changes in blood volume based on the amount of light transmitted through the finger, the cuff pressure closely follows instantaneous pulsatile blood pressure changes in the finger arteries. Blood pressure is calculated beat-to-beat after calibration with the built-in standard oscillometric measurement (NBP) of the monitor – displaying a high resolution, real-time arterial pressure waveform.

Supports a variety of monitors

The pod easily interfaces to Infinity Delta, Delta XL, and Kappa monitors via a standard pod communication channel.


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Accessory catalogue 2022, en


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