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Infinity® M540

Streamline workflows with a monitor that goes from bedside to transport in the push of a button. Leave cables and modules attached to your patient and continue monitoring parameters and alarms in real time, while recording data during travel. Use the Infinity M540 as a standalone monitor, or integrate it with hospital IT to access clinical information systems and data analysis applications.

Two workflow options

Experience the power and versatility of the Infinity M540, whether you use it as a standalone monitor or as the vital signs engine of the Infinity Acute Care System.

As a standalone monitor, Infinity M540 measures its full range of parameters and supports wired and wireless networking with Infinity CentralStation (optional). Its compact size makes the M540 a great bedside, transport and workstation option.

As the vital signs engine of the Infinity Acute Care System, Infinity M540 sends monitoring data to the system’s Infinity Medical Cockpit as well as the monitoring network. The Medical Cockpit, a powerful workstation, brings hospital information systems, the monitoring network and web-based clinical applications to the point-of-care.

Continuous surveillance without interruption

Connect the Infinity M540 monitor to the monitoring network through the wired docking station at the patient bedside. Remove it from the docking station to transport, and the M540 transmits data wirelessly to the monitoring network, where it can be accessed with an Infinity CentralStation (optional) and supported remote devices.

When the M540 is used in conjunction with the Infinity Acute Care System, dock the monitor in a new location and it retrieves previously recorded data, including up to 96 hours of continuous trends, and backfills the present cockpit with data collected during transport.

One monitoring platform for the entire hospital

A single scalable Infinity M540 monitor follows a patient over the entire care pathway, from admittance to discharge. Activate parameters, as needed, by connecting MPod and MCable measurement modules. Discontinue parameters, by disconnecting modules as the patient’s condition improves and those measurements are no longer required.

System interoperability

In Intensive Care, review hemodynamic data from the M540 and respiratory data and trends from a Dräger ventilator side-by-side on the Medical Cockpit of the Infinity Acute Care System.

In the OR, a standalone Infinity M540 brings real-time vital sign monitoring to an anesthesia workstation. Add the Medical Cockpit of the Infinity Acute Care System and access the patient’s EMR as well as networked systems and web-based applications.

Storage of trends, events and alarms

Access up to 72 hours of trends on a standalone Infinity M540 and up to 96 hours with an Infinity Acute Care System Medical Cockpit. Tabular and graphical trend and event data gathered during transport are automatically available on the Medical Cockpit once the M540 is docked upon arriving in a new care area.

See significant incidents in the patient’s care history. The system stores up to 150 events, including alarms for all monitored parameters, and displays them in 20-second strips.


Infinity MCable Masimo Rainbow SET PI 9066455, EN-US
Infinity MCable Masimo Rainbow SET PI 9066455, EN-US

Bring the advantages of Masimo’s rainbow® Signal Extraction Technology (SET®) to the Infinity M540 monitor – both at the bedside and on transport in the hospital.


Infinity Medical Cockpit PI 9067486, EN-US
Infinity Medical Cockpit PI 9067486, EN-US


Infinity® MCable®-Dual Hemo
Infinity® MCable®-Dual Hemo


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