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Infinity® PiCCO SmartPod® Patient Monitoring Pods

Infinity® PiCCO SmartPod®

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Infinity® PiCCO SmartPod®

Provides less invasive, beat-to-beat hemodynamic and volumetric monitoring

Integrates four invasive pressures and cardiac output

Now you can monitor hemodynamic and volumetric parameters without a pulmonary artery catheter, using the Infinity® PiCCO SmartPod®. The device can integrate four invasive pressures and cardiac output using a single cable that connects the pod to the monitor.

Supports a wide variety of parameters

The parameters supported by the PiCCO SmartPod include:
– Pulse Contour Cardiac Output (PCCO)
– Continuous Cardiac Index (PCCI)
– Stroke Volume (p-SV)
– Stroke Volume Index (p-SVI)
– Stroke Volume Variation (SVV)
– Systemic Vascular Resistance (p-SVR)
– Systemic Vascular Resistance Index (p-SVRI)
– Pulse Pressure Variation (PPV)
– Index of Left Ventricular Contractility (dPmax)1
– Cardiac Output (p-CO)
– Cardiac Index (p-CI)
– Cardiac Function Index (CFI)
– Global End Diastolic Volume (GEDV)
– Global End Diastolic Volume Index (GEDVI)
– Extra Vascular Lung Water (EVLW)1
– Extra Vascular Lung Water Index (EVLWI)1
– Global Ejection Fraction (GEF)1
– Pulmonary Vascular Permeability Index (PVPI)1
– Arterial Pressure, Systolic, Diastolic and Mean (ART)
– Intrathovacic Blood Volume (ITBV)
– Intrathovacic Blood Volume Index (ITBVI)

Determines parameters both intermittently and continuously

PiCCO technology uses quantitative parameters that are determined both intermittently through PULSION’s transpulmonary thermodilution technique and continuously through arterial pulse contour analysis.

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