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Infinity® Symphony Suite Connectivity and Remote Access

Infinity® Symphony Suite

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Infinity® Symphony Suite

Today's caregivers are increasingly mobile. To make informed decisions on the spot, they need easy access to patient information anytime, anywhere. Infinity Symphony Suite provides access to historical and near-real-time patient data* from PCs and tablets connected to the hospital network.

Provides Web access to Full and Event Disclosure, Trending and more

Infinity Symphony Suite is a Web-based application that can expand your access to valuable patient information stored on the Infinity® CentralStation database by making it available virtually anywhere via the hospital network. When deployed with Infinity Gateway, Infinity PatientWatch and VentWatch®, Infinity Symphony provides near-real-time views of monitored patient information and ventilation data – with a single sign-on and integrated patient selection.

Key features include:

  • Infinity WebPortal that integrates Infinity PatientWatch into one easy-to-use client platform that helps saving time
  • ST Complex Review feature that lets you review ischemic events by displaying averaged ST complexes in multiple formats
  • Web-based electronic ECG calipers that let you make ECG-related measurements remotely
  • Web-based remote view of vital signs data for up to 256 patients
  • Display of up to 120 hours of a maximum of 16 waveforms – including ECG, respiratory, hemodynamic and EEG
  • Support for pacer spikes
  • Trending and access to up to 1,000 arrhythmia and alarm events per patient
  • Advanced patient navigation with time anchor and ability to view direct correlation of events to trends

WebPortal - one platform for Dräger Web-based applications

Infinity Symphony now features the Infinity WebPortal, which helps simplifying your workflow by providing one platform for Dräger Web-based applications, as well as ST Complex Review capabilities, Electronic ECG calipers and the ability to export waveforms.

Minimal deployment and maintenance costs

Because it is Web-based, Infinity Symphony has minimal deployment and maintenance costs. It leverages your existing hospital IT investments while expanding your access to patient information.

Industry-standard compliant

Infinity Symphony supports privacy and confidentiality initiatives related to patient data, and helps simplifying system administration using Microsoft® Windows® user accounts for authentication. Requiring minimal hardware investments, Infinity Symphony provides a choice of platforms to leverage individual hardware and software preferences.

Chart-ready reports in PDF format

With Infinity Symphony, you can create a variety of chart-ready reports with simple clicks. Then you can preview, print, and export them for long-term storage.

Reports include:

  • Patient Status Report
  • Multilead Simultaneous ECG Report
  • Trend Navigator Panel Report
  • Full Disclosure Selected Strip Report
  • Full Disclosure Strip Report
  • Full Disclosure One-Hour Compressed Report
  • Event Disclosure Strip Report
  • Event Summary Report
  • Tabular Trend Report
  • ECG Caliper Report
  • ST Clinical Marker Report
  • ST 30-Minute Report


  • Infinity ST Complex Review
  • Concurrent User Licenses (up to 32)

*Requires Infinity Gateway PatientWatch®


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Accessory Catalogue 2024, en


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