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K-Kart II

Portable air source for air line products.

Portable air source for air line products

​The sturdy, steel-constructed KKart II transports air cylinders, providing a portable source of safe breathing air to a maximum of 6 workers wearing airline respirators. Using two K or T cylinders, the KKart II is rated to 5000 psig or less.

  • Hand tight CGA fittings permit tool-free cylinder changes
  • Easy bleeder valves eliminate need for long depressurization
  • In-line check valve allows easy cylinder changes
  • One 300 ft hose reel or two 150 ft hose reels
  • Optional storage bin
  • Ergonomic 4 wheel design
  • Gas assisted lift mechanism
  • Adjustable dual gauge regulator with built-in 125 psi safety relief valve

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