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Dräger MRC 5000 - Mine Refuge Chamber Refuge Chambers

Dräger MRC 5000 - Mine Refuge Chamber

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Dräger MRC 5000 - Mine Refuge Chamber

Looking for ways to increase the safety of your work environment? An underground emergency chamber is a key part of any mine rescue plan. The Dräger Mine Refuge Chamber (MRC 5000) answers the need for a cost effective, high quality chamber. Backed by expert Dräger service and support, the MRC 5000 is a safe haven of escape from contaminated air. Have special requirements? Talk to us about our custom chambers. In addition to the MRC 5000, Dräger can design and build customer-specific solutions. We have global engineering capabilities and extensive mine rescue expertise based on more than a century of real-world experience. As a result, Dräger is the single source for all underground emergency chamber needs – regardless of the situation.

Strengthened by a long history in the mining industry

When miners go underground, they should feel confident that everything possible has been done for their safety. We have been working on this goal with the mining industry for more than 100 years. The legendary closed-circuit breathing apparatus Dräger PSS® BG 4, which is the chosen form of protection for mine rescue teams around the globe, is one example of the unwavering reliability of Dräger products. This safety philosophy has proven its value in the toughest operating conditions worldwide. Using the same safety concept the Dräger mine refuge chambers are built on technology that you can rely on.

Extreme conditions call for extreme safety

Today’s mines are growing deeper and travel distances are getting longer for miners, which challenges mine rescue plans. To protect miners from dangerous conditions, you need an underground emergency chamber you can trust. The Dräger MRC 5000 is a safe haven that will help you reduce risks and protect one of your most critical assets: your people.

Integrated systems create a safe environment

Several systems work together in the chamber to provide a safe breathing environment. The MRC 5000 has positive pressure protection and a reliable air supply system. A gas-tight door prevents contaminated air from entering the chamber. The unique Dräger airlock has an air purging system that dilutes any contaminated air that enters the airlock. This allows people to enter or leave the chamber multiple times, while minimizing the risk of noxious gas and smoke ingress to the main chamber. Dräger gas detection systems continually monitor the air inside the chamber, which allows occupants to make adjustments to the system depending on the values of CO₂ and O₂.

Expert service and support for peace of mind

Dräger stands behind the MRC 5000 every step of the way. We offer professional consultation to make sure the chamber will meet your specific needs. From concept development to installation and complete implementation, we act efficiently and productively as a general contractor. Our worldwide service network ensures that we can be onsite quickly for all your maintenance and repair needs.
Dräger can also stock all required consumables and spare parts, such as soda lime, filters, and gas detection components, including sensors.

Breathing air regeneration system and power backup systems

The MRC 5000 is a self-sufficient underground emergency chamber and does not depend on external air or power supplies to keep occupants safe. The air inside the chamber is regenerated by the CO₂ scrubbing process in the breathing air regeneration system. The Dräger Breathing Protection Unit (BPU) has a dedicated battery backup system, and each fan works independently and can be adjusted according to the number of occupants. Oxygen is added from high pressure cylinders to replenish oxygen levels. Multigas monitors inform occupants when adjustments are required to the oxygen supply and CO₂ scrubbing functions. Power is supplied from a maintenance-free battery backup system which, together with the inverter/ charger system, ensures continuous power for up to a minimum of 24 hours (extended times are optional). The air conditioning system keeps the chamber’s interior temperature and humidity at safe levels.

Automatic positive pressure lets miners breathe easy

The chamber can be connected to an external air supply. Oils, water and small particles are filtered from the air. As long as the external supply is operating, the chamber works in externally supported mode. A constant positive pressure of between 150 and 200 Pa in the chamber prevents contaminated air from entering the main room. This safety feature is automatically sustained and controlled by the Dräger Breathing Protection Unit (BPU).

Gas detection technology for monitoring and alarm activation

Dräger’s proprietary gas detection equipment continuously monitors the internal atmosphere for the presence of CO₂ and CO, as well as O₂ levels. If gas concentrations fall outside pre-set limits, audible and visual alarms warn occupants so they can adjust systems and maintain a safe atmosphere. In addition, a fixed external gas monitoring system that measures the CO and O₂ concentrations outside of the chamber and displays results inside the chamber can be installed as an option.

Rental and flexible finance options

Owning an MRC 5000 is easy. You can either buy or rent this affordable chamber. If you choose to buy, Dräger offers flexible finance options.


MRC 5000 Product Information, en-us
MRC 5000 Product Information, en-us


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