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Dräger PointGard 2700

​The Dräger PointGard 2700 is a self-contained gas detection system for the continuous area monitoring of flammable hydrocarbon gases and vapors in ambient air. PointGard 2700’s rugged, water-resistant housing comes complete with a horn and strobes, a built-in power supply, and external relays. It is compatible with a remotely mounted Dräger PIR 7000 Type 334 or Type 340 infrared gas sensor.

Uses the high performance Dräger PIR 7000 infrared sensor

​With its stainless steel 316L enclosure and drift free optics, the Dräger PIR 7000 is built for the harshest industrial environments such as offshore installations. The unique 4 beam signal stabilizing system makes the sensor resistant to dust or dirt deposits on the optical surfaces. Environmental and ageing effects are largely compensated ensuring long term, drift free operation. The integrated gas library with more than 70 gases provides a high degree of application flexibility. Each of the gases listed there can be picked from the menu and automatically cross-calibrated with a standard calibration gas such as methane or propane.

Waterproof stainless steel IR sensor

​Thanks to its innovative splash guard and waterproof enclosure, the PIR 7000 sensor is ready for extreme conditions such as areas with daily high-pressure wash-downs and extreme temperature and humidity levels. It is available with an aluminum or 316L stainless steel junction box.

Flexible communications

​PointGard can accommodate additional external alarm devices through its three built-in relays. In addition, a 4–20 mA signal with HART® output allows integration into a larger gas detection system.

Rugged and compact housing

​PointGard’s glass fiber reinforced polyester housing is water and dust resistant with a 4X/IP66 rating. Its compact size allows it to easily fit most applications. Built-in cable glands make it easy to install.

Advanced display with diagnostics

​The large, illuminated backlit graphic display shows status information clearly and in a format that's easy to use. The measured gas concentration, selected gas type, and measuring unit are displayed during normal operation. Colored LEDs (green, yellow, and red) provide additional alarm and status information. Advanced diagnostics log events and gas readings, which can be displayed and a graph created on the display.

Monitor remote areas up to 30 meters (98 feet) away

​The Dräger PIR 7000 sensor is designed to be installed in Zone 1 classified hazardous areas remotely from the PointGard 2700 with a four-conductor shielded cable up to 30 meters (98 feet) long. The cable and Dräger PIR 7000 sensor must be ordered separately from the PointGard 2700.


PointGard 2700 Product Information en-us
PointGard 2700 Product Information en-us


IFU PointGard 2000 Series - 9033682 en-us-me
IFU PointGard 2000 Series - 9033682 en-us-me

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


More than the sum Brochure, en
More than the sum Brochure, en


Fixed gas detectors, sensors and substances

Dräger gas detectors can be used with different sensors to detect a large number of hazardous substances. Check which sensor fits into this detector by searching for a substance. Contact our experts to get more information on our wide portfolio.

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Technical Data

Key Facts

Response time
Cable entry
Intrinsic Safety
Increased Safety
4-20 mA

Technical Data

Power Supply
100 - 240 V AC 50 - 60 Hz or 10 - 30 V DC
Temperature (operation)
-20°C - 50°C
0 to 95% r.h., non-condensing
700 - 1300
Dimensions (H × W × D)
0.26x0.28x0.12 m
8.38 lb
Housing Material
Glass fibre reinforced polyester (GFRP)
Degree of protection (IP class)


CE marking
Performance approval
Shipping approval

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