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Dräger Rental Robot

Turnarounds can be challenging, requiring access to calibrated and fully charged safety devices at a moment’s notice. The Dräger Rental Robot facilitates compliance by providing fully compliant, around-the-clock supply and return of safety equipment.

Self-Service that's Efficient and Cost-Effective

The Rental Robot is a system of secure lockers from which authorized users can check out fully charged and calibrated equipment. This innovative system auto-mates material logistics for your safety equipment and can help you achieve compliance. The Dräger Rental Robot is available in different sizes with variable module and compartment configurations to suit your specific requirements. Small gas detectors are stored as efficiently as large breathing apparatus, and the Rental Robot can be fully stocked with Dräger products or left empty to be filled on-site.

Access by Authorized Employees Only

This unique system ensures that only authorized employees can access the safety equipment. Access to each compartment is defined individually based on the user’s job responsibilities, level of training, fit testing results or other pre-determined qualifications. If a device needs to be serviced or if it has been marked as defective, it can no longer be accessed.

Data Supports Accurate Safety Procedures

An intuitive check out/check in interface records and documents all releases and returns, and it can tell which employee used which instrument and for how long. If a device has been damaged during operation, the user reports it as defective at the terminal. This helps ensure that it is always known which devices are in use and the condition they are in. The Rental Robot also helps to reduce the amount of safety equipment and material damaged or lost during operation.

On-Site Use with Central Control

Multiple Rental Robots can be set up wherever needed at a job site, each equipped differently depending on the specific requirements of the area. A central network tracks all releases, returns, resources, and recharge requirements and a web-based tool monitors compliance levels and reporting of different users.


Product Information: Rental Robot, en
Product Information: Rental Robot, en

The Rental Robot is the rentable automated material logistics for your safety equipment. The issue-and-return station provides each registered user with the desired work equipment and any necessary consumables – right there on site, at any time of day, with no need for personnel to stand by and man the station. This not only saves time and resource but also grants full transparency.


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