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Dräger UCF® 9000 Thermal Imaging Cameras

Dräger UCF® 9000

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Dräger UCF® 9000

​​Fires and other hazardous environments pose unseen challenges and dangers. Now you can know before you go with the Dräger UCF 9000 thermal imaging camera. With first-rate image quality and precision, this camera is intrinsically safe and approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Always have a hand free

Like all Dräger UCF thermal imaging cameras, the UCF 9000 is a compact design. The holding hand also operates all functions. Buttons and keys are quickly selected with the thumb or index finger. With its robust support the UCF is conveniently at hand even while you are crawling on all fours: Simply support yourself against the ground with the device’s crawlplate support.

Thermal image or real image mode

The UCF 9000 is capable of capturing video and individual photos of not just the displayed thermal images, but also from real digital images. With this option, you can make a live recording of real operations and training situations and evaluate them on the display on site with the play function.

Eight additional image modes

In addition to standard mode:

  • Fire (firefighting)
  • Persons (search and rescue)
  • Thermal Scan (searching for hotspots)
  • Outdoors (searching for persons outside)
  • Hazardous Goods (leak detection and level indicators)
  • Scan PLUS (searching for heat sources – in real image)
  • Normal Image (video camera)
  • User-defined 1

Additional advantages

  • intuitive operation: easy and safe handling even under rough conditions
  • display brightness adjusts automatically to environment
  • easy-to-read status information
  • modern lithium ion batteries provide approx. four hours operating time
  • automatic stand-by for longer battery life
  • different attachment options (e.g. neck strap or retractable lanyard)
  • wide range of accessories (e.g. transport case, vehicle installation kit, tripods, etc.)

Crystal clear images

Even when the visibility is extremely poor, the UCF 9000 will still deliver first-rate image quality and detailed precision. With its 384 x 288 pixels it offers an extremely high resolution and thus provides up to 44% more detail than other high resolution firefighting thermal imaging cameras. Its 57° field of view (horizontal) provides you with an extra-large overview of the situation. To bring the scene in even closer, you have the option of using the 4x zoom in addition to the 2x zoom.

The UCF basic functions

Laser pointer:
use the pointer to mark heat sources or display the fill level of tanks

Snapshot function:
look around corners and freeze the image to assess the situation

Extended dynamic range:
clearly detect persons and objects even near fires

Quick shutter:
don’t miss information because the detector is calibrating itself or when switching to a different operating mode

Continuous recording with full memory card

Should the recording capacity of approximately two hours be exhausted, the black box of the UCF 9000 guarantees further use of the thermal imaging video. If the memory is full, the camera will simply record over the beginning of the recording. The recording continues automatically.


UCF 9000 Thermal Imaging Camera Product Information, en-us
UCF 9000 Thermal Imaging Camera Product Information, en-us


Technical Data

Technical Data

384 x 288 pixels
Field of view
Horizontal: 57° / Vertical: 41° / Diagonal: 74°
Dimensions of camera (WxHxD)
0.13x0.28x0.11 m
3.09 lb
Temperature sensitivity
35 mK
Heat sensitivity
-40°C - 1000°C
Battery life
4 hours
Frame rate
50 hz
2x or 4x


ATEX approval Ex zone 1
Protection class IP 67

Basic Functions

Thermal image
One-hand operation
Laser pointer
Extended dynamic range
Quick shutter
Adaptive display brightness

Special Functions

Application modes
Thermal scan
Scan Plus
Film and photo function (thermal image)
Film and photo function (real image)
Film display

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