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Dräger VVP 1000

The Dräger VVP 1000 is a 10" touch panel that provides a clear and simple display of all data from your Dräger VarioGard® gas detector. The touch panel visualises all relevant information such as measurement values and status messages in a way that is well organised and easy to understand.

Clear and detailed presentation

The central unit forms the heart of the Dräger VarioGard. This is where all relevant data comes together:

  • Name and concentration of gas
  • Device name, measured value and range
  • Alert type, device status and maintenance interval

Previously, the only way to access and store this information was via a local USB connection. With the Dräger
VVP 1000, you can now view this data within your network from any place and at any time. All information is
displayed in a plain text message that is clear yet detailed. Different panels allow you to rapidly navigate all
connected systems. The data can be tabulated to give a better overview.

Monitor several facilities from one panel

You can easily upgrade your existing Dräger VarioGard system. For secure and uninterrupted data transmission, the Dräger technicians install the required Modbus Gateway in your central unit. This allows you to access and operate up to three central units in parallel with just one Dräger VVP 1000.

Thorough documentation

All alarms and events are automatically recorded by the Dräger VVP 1000. You can conveniently access and analyse them for a period of 365 days. Detailed values on the time, channel and type of alarm or event supply you with all the information you need. The data is prepared and presented in a user-friendly way. You can transmit data and continue to work with Microsoft® Excel®.

Remote data processing via VNC connection

A web interface can be integrated into the local network and easily accessed via a VNC client (virtual network computing). A remote function lets you access data wherever you are, and at all times. The connected Dräger VarioGards are easily accessed through a web browser. This also gives you control of all functions of the Dräger VVP 1000.

Accessing one central unit in parallel

The new Dräger VVP 1000 panels help you keep an eye on everything. They prove an especially flexible and cost-effective solution for summarising and presenting all relevant data when monitoring large areas. Simply install a Dräger VVP 1000 in the preferred position for quick access to the required data. You can use several panels to access the same system without any conflicts.

Microsoft® Excel® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


VarioGard System Brochure, en
VarioGard System Brochure, en

The Dräger VarioGard central unit is the centre of an affordable and modular gas warning system. Many different transmitters and modules can be connected to the VarioGard central unit.


Gas Dispersion Brochure, en
Gas Dispersion Brochure, en


More than the sum Brochure, en
More than the sum Brochure, en


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