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WaterLock 2

Perfect protection for precise gas measurement. Dräger WaterLock 2 safely stops water from getting into the multi-gas sensor. The measurement system is optimally protected by Dräger's special membrane technology.

Safe protection

Dräger has designed its WaterLock 2 with two hydrophobic membranes instead of one. This twin membrane protection system keeps condensation out of the sampling gas and the purge gas. Even if the sample line falls into the secretion aspiration system e. g. during a change of patients, no water will get into the gas measurement system. Two self sealing filter elements enhance safety: they will turn blue if occluded.

Safe and simple handling

All you have to do to empty the WaterLock 2 is simply remove it from holder, stick a syringe in the connector and suck out the water. Twin membranes and the use of specially developed membrane material effectively prevent any bacteria or germs intruding into the gas measurement system.

Safe and stable: how the WaterLock 2 works

The key components of the WaterLock 2 are two filters made of a hydrophobic microporous PTFE membrane. These membranes with a pore size of 0.2 μm provide optimum protection for the sensitive gas measurement system. However, the gas to be measured can pass through the membrane with only a slight loss of pressure. The gas to be measured is sucked in by a pump.

One filter removes any water before the gas passes on to the IR's optical sensor. A second gas flow sucked in via the water tank and a second filter is used to remove the water from the first filter. This prevents the water trap from clogging up under worst-case conditions. The highly sophisticated geometry of the filter housing has been optimised to ensure a fast response and extremely effective drainage. As a result, the Dräger WaterLock 2 maintains a perfect capnogram even under extreme conditions, e.g. minimal-flow anaesthesia.


The Dräger WaterLock 2 has a guaranteed operating life of four weeks. During this time it can be emptied and reused as often as necessary. Replacement water traps are available in sets of 12 pcs. – a year’s supply for your anaesthesia workstation.


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WaterLock 2 Product Information, en


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