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Isolette® 8000 plus

​Dräger sets the standard for thermoregulation with a host of performance features designed to provide a stable, cocoon-like environment for the baby. To ensure that the Thermo-Neutral Zone is maintained, the Isolette® 8000 plus enables you to continuously monitor both the central and peripheral body temperature.

Proven concept with advanced technology

​Our ability to reliably sustain a stable thermo-neutral microenvironment has made Dräger a trusted resource in thermoregulation. The brand Isolette® is associated with a proven and reliable design and has been known by caregivers across the globe for many decades. The advanced thermoregulation system, controlled by Dräger’s elaborate proportional–integral–derivative algorithm, keeps the baby in a stable environment. While dual air curtains and preemptive regulation mechanisms help maintain this environment during access to the infant. Thermomonitoring allows you to monitor the baby's central and peripheral skin temperatures while in Skin Mode. The trends on the display offer a clear visual representation so you can better determine the infant's risk for hyper- or hypothermia as well as the infant's energy expenditure. 

Now, you can manually set humidity levels or select Auto mode so the Isolette 8000 plus will automatically set and adjust the humidity level based on the air temperature setting.

Focused on Developmental Care

​The Isolette 8000 plus now also includes features to support your unit's developmental care practices. More so than ever before, families are being incorporated into the care team and the Isolette 8000 plus makes their integration that much easier. The wide variable height adjustment range allows parents to get in close to their baby, even when in a bed or wheelchair. Kangaroo Care mode allows parents to peacefully practice skin-to-skin care with minimal alarms and continuous temperature monitoring while the Isolette's settings are kept stable for baby's return.

Designed with your workflow in mind

​Easy access to the neonate, convenient height adjustment of the incubator and easy to reach controls make it a great incubator for any NICU. Lightweight, compact footprint, smooth castors and ergonomic foot-actuated brakes allow virtually effortless movement, even in congested NICU settings. ​The integrated scale and x-ray keep simple procedures simple. Isolette 8000 plus now has Medibus.X functionality to make patient data transfer effortless.

A hygienic concept that is pure genius

​The Isolette 8000 plus includes an innovative Condensation Management System that is specifically designed to address hospitals’ current practices for enhancing infection control and supporting a hygienic care setting. Dräger developed this system so the condensate from the incubator compartment is isolated from the clean water supply of the humidity system. In addition, the entire humidity system can be easily removed for quick, convenient yet effective sterilization after every patient.


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Accessory Catalogue 2024, en


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