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Drug and Alcohol Detection - Police Drug Test

Drug and Alcohol Detection

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Safety Equipment for Law Enforcement

No operation is alike. For police forces, daily routine is the exception, not the rule. Today’s tighter regulations and limited resources have raised the demands on management as well as on the local forces. More than ever, you need to trust 100 percent in your equipment and 100 percent on its verification. Whether you need police drug test kits, police breathalyzers, or law enforcement ppe - Dräger’s got your back.

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Facts & Figures in Law Enforcement

Did you know that each country has its local regulations and general conditions? For example in Scotland the legal limit is 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, while England, Wales and Northern Ireland allow up to 80mg.

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Draeger Review Special Drugs and Alcohol

Dräger Review Special Drugs + Alcohol

From reliable THC detection to effective drug addiction therapies: Our special edition of Dräger review presents on more than 70 pages background information, analyses and interesting facts regarding the dangers and effects of drug and alcohol consumption.

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