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Maintenance and Repair Agreements - Dräger safety services technician carries out maintenance on devices

Maintenance and Repair Agreements

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You entrust our products with the safety of your employees and systems. That is why we ensure that they are always working properly; with services which maintain the value of your investment, minimize downtime and support the efficiency of your processes. Not only do we know our products, we also know how you use them at work. That’s why we develop individual service solutions which are tailored to meet your requirements. Whether you send equipment to one of our six Safety Service Centres across the country or choose our Mobile Service with the convenience of a Dräger technician performing onsite service at your facility, we are here for you.


Our Service Agreements

We offer a wide range of contract, from a basic maintenance agreement to a full service package or special offers for individual product groups.


Your Service Agreement Options

If you have any questions regarding the available service options, please ask our Sales Support at to learn more.



This preventive maintenance program is designed to keep your equipment in peak working condition according to its original specifications. The plan provides an inspection to make sure that your equipment is fully compliant with Dräger’s standards and includes a complete self-check, comprehensive visual inspection and calibration. If repair is required, parts and labour will be charged separately.

Calibration Equipment-X-dock 5300 6300 6600


This full-service program is designed to cover all aspects of inspection, preventive maintenance and repair, excluding replacement sensors and consumable parts. This plan includes all labour, maintenance and repair parts. Limits may apply.

If you are purchasing new equipment, the PreventiveCare plan is recommended, since the equipment will be under warranty. After the warranty has expired, you can transition to the TotalCare plan, covering both preventive maintenance and repair.


SCBA and Compressor Mobile Service (Northern Ontario only)

A trained Dräger technician provides on-site SCBA annual inspection and Station test, Mask testing, Fit Testing (including N95), hydrostatic testing, air compressor inspection and air sample. Travel Charges are based on the one-way distance from the Dräger Sudbury office to the service site.


Thermal Imaging Cameras

Fixed Price Repairs are available for thermal imaging cameras (Dräger models UCF 6000, UCF 7000, UCF 8000, UCF 9000) that are not covered under warranty or service contracts. Fixed Price Repairs facilitate the quoting and ordering process and enable us to repair your devices and get them back to you as quickly as possible. They also facilitate your budgeting efforts.


DrugTest 5000 Annual Inspection Service

Regular servicing of your DrugTest 5000 is important for reliable operation. Annual inspection performed by a trained Dräger technician, is available at our Service Centres. A battery change (additional cost) is recommended every three years.

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Repair and Maintenance on Demand

Although we recommend choosing a Service agreement for reasons of efficiency, nonetheless we also offer repair and maintenance on demand services. Our Services at a glance:

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Calibration
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Regular software maintenance and updates
  • Servicing of non-Dräger equipment


Covid-19 Policy
draeger canada-covid 19 service policy

We follow the advice and guidelines of the Canadian Government and World Health Organization with regards to taking protective measures to reduce further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Dräger Safety Canada Phone Tree

Download our phone tree and get into contact with Dräger team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer service

Customer Service

Welcome to the Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. customer support page. We appreciate your business and want to provide outstanding and excellent customer service! For more information, please contact our customer service and support representatives by phone at +1-877-372-4371 or contact form.

Where do I purchase Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. equipment?

We have an extensive network throughout Canada of professional channel partners. To find the closes channel partner nearest location contact +1-877-372-4371.

Where can I find additional product information?

Product information can be found on the product page or by contacting us.

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How do I get my Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. products serviced?

Please contact us at +1-877-372-4371.

What is the warranty on my Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. products?

Warranty periods vary for products.

Please have your product serial number available and call +1-877-372-4371 to confirm your warranty coverage.

Does Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. conduct training for their products?

Yes. Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. offers product use and maintenance training. Please call +1-877-372-4371 to schedule training.

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Where can I download software for my Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. product?

All updated software for public access can be downloaded on the software portal.

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Where can I find a product number for a Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. product?

Please contact customer service at +1-877-372-4371 or contact your local Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. distributor.

Where can I find prices on Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. products?

Contact customer service at +1-877-372-4371 or Email Us.

Is Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. affiliated with Dräger?

Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. is the legal entity for Dräger in Canada.

Can I search by gas to find out which Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. product fits my industrial solution?

Yes, VOICE – Hazardous substances database created by Draeger Safety Canada, Ltd. to help discover which Dräger product best fits your industrial requirement.

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