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Plant Shutdown & Safety Equipment Rental - installing gas detector in oil and gas plant

Plant Shutdown & Safety Equipment Rental

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Safety Equipment Rental and Onsite Services

From basic daily safety equipment rental to comprehensive long-term needs, Dräger offers a wide variety of rental services and onsite safety solutions designed to optimize your industry plant processes—leaving you free to focus on your core business. Rental of industrial safety equipment lets you to save on initial capital investments and eliminate ongoing ownership costs related to industry safety management.

When you are facing a plant turnaround, shutdown, or similar large-scale projects, we can provide onsite safety support to manage the safety equipment so your focus can be where it needs to be during major events. Dräger’s flexible safety equipment rental management options can be set up onsite to manage your rental inventory.

Please email to book an appointment and discuss how we can help you on your next project.

Safety Equipment Rental - Custom Solutions for Customer Requirements

Plant Shutdown & Safety Equipment Rental - Man with safety equipmentPlay video
Plant Shutdown & Safety Equipment Rental - Man with breatig air and respiratory system
Breathing Air and Respiratory System
Plant Shutdown & Safety Equipment Rental - Man with portable and area gas monitoring
Portable and Area Gas Monitoring
Plant Shutdown & Safety Equipment Rental - Man service and repair
Onsite Service & Repair
Plant Shutdown & Safety Equipment Rental - Man with personal protection equipment
Personal Protection Equipment
Plant Shutdown & Safety Equipment Rental - Inventory management
Inventory Management / Safety Shop


Safety & Services Brochure
Safety services brochure

We are more than a manufacturer. We provide complete solutions for all your safety needs.

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White Paper

Learn how Draeger’s software can eliminate lost equipment at your next TAR.

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Our Featured Rental and Safety Services Portfolio Includes:

Gas detection personal and area monitoring

Gas Detection – Personal and Area Monitoring

  • Single gas
  • Multi-gas
  • Confined space and Area monitoring with real-time back-to-base reporting
  • Portable Gas Chromatograph
Respiratory protection breathing air supply

Respiratory Protection/Breathing Air Supply

  • Air purified respirators  (APR) and Powered Air purified respirators (PAPR)
  • Escape Packs  - 5/10/15/30 minutes
  • SCBAs
  • Rescue Karts
  • 6 pack /12 pack cylinder
  • 20 Bottle trailer / Mini-tube trailer
  • Manifolds/Regulators/Hoses/Splitters
Personal protection equipment

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) / Consumables

  • Hand/Hearing/Eye/Head Protection
  • Disposable coveralls
  • Respiratory protection (disposable)
  • Other, as needed
Safety attendants and safety professionals

Safety Attendants and Safety Professionals

  • Equipment Technicians
  • Safety Trailer Supervisor
Inventory management onsite safety shop

Inventory Management / Onsite Safety Shop

  • Consumable Distribution
  • Manned Safety Trailer
  • Automated dispensing system for capital equipment (Rental Robot)
  • Draeger proprietary software to manage and control equipment/consumable
  • Comprehensive reporting system
Onsite safety service

Onsite Safety Service

  • Calibration / Bump Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Equipment Cleaning & Testing
  • Flow Test
  • Mask Fit Test
  • Cylinder Refill
  • Air Quality Testing

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