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Supplier information - Supplier Stage 16-6

Supplier information

Technology for life, together

Dräger relies on continuity in its partnerships. The basis for responsible cooperation - now and in the future - is to agree on our fundamental values and openness to using new technology. 

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Dräger expects its business partners to actively contribute ideas and promote their own innovative strength. We involve our partners in the early phases of the development process and rely on continuous exchange across all phases of the product life cycle. In this way, we also ensure that we increase our own innovative strength.

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Dräger expects to ensure the highest quality standards in compliance with legal regulations. To achieve this, we closely monitor our own process performance as well as that of our partners. With this in mind, we strive to continuously improve product quality.

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Dräger aims to meet customer expectations at an optimal cost level to be successful in global competition. We maintain our competitiveness by jointly developing our cost base and ensuring full cost transparency across the entire value chain and product life cycle.



Dräger relies on high material availability based on robust supply chains and innovative logistics - even in volatile procurement markets. Efficient processes and a high level of process integration enable us to identify potential risks at an early stage and take appropriate measures to ensure a smooth supply.

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Sustainability is of particular importance and obligation to Dräger, as it affects the entire supply chain and all values. As a family business, sustainable action means more than just acting in an environmentally friendly manner. It means conscious, intergenerational interaction, in addition to the following:

•    anchoring it in our own sustainability strategy and in our Code of Conduct for Business Partner,

•    agreeing on targets with partners along the supply chain

•    making environmentally relevant requirements transparent 

•    monitoring data and performance KPIs

This is also reflected in the selection of our partners, the consideration of environmentally relevant risks and the use of tools.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What should you know before contacting us?

Dräger divides its purchasing into various commodities. For direct (production-relevant) materials in particular, a distinction is made between electronics, plastics, mechanics, trading goods and packaging, while indirect materials are divided into IT and services, among others.

The extent to which a material or service is subject to special requirements, e.g., quality-related requirements, is based both on the question of whether this affects production and whether it is subject to the regulatory requirements of safety technology or medical technology.

What is the process of becoming a supplier?

As soon as Dräger has a need for a new material or service, you may choose to be contacted. Becoming a supplier involves various process steps. In addition to a notification of basic company information (Supplier Questionnaire), agreement on the Code of Conduct and completion of the legal requirements (NDA, GPA and others), the quality-relevant requirements must be met, which may include various audits (production and material-specific). For operational processing, there are also requirements for the digital connection (see Tools).

Where do you find further information on the requirements for becoming a supplier?

On this page you will find both the contact form and documents for download as well as the 'Supply Chain Handbook for Suppliers', which describes the relevant requirements.

How do you get in touch?

Please use the contact form in the purchasing areas. (Please note that it is not possible to add attachments in this process step.)

To the contact form

Which principles apply for a business partner?

Please visit our Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Where do I find the general terms and conditions for purchasing?

Dräger differentiates between general terms and conditions for purchasing and IT terms and conditions for purchasing.

Where can I obtain a summary of all supplier requirements?

The 'Supply Chain Handbook for Suppliers' is available for download in German, English and Chinese and provides information on the requirements for suppliers of production-related materials in the main production and logistics locations.

Where can I find further information on procurement models at Dräger?

In addition to the classic individual order, the procurement models of vendor schedules, Kanban and vendor managed inventory offer a high level of logistical integration. You can find out more about the models, framework conditions and availability per location in the 'Supply Chain Handbook for Suppliers'. If you already work for us, please get in touch with your personal contact person for specific explanations. 

Which KPIs are important to Dräger?

In addition to key figures on the quality and cost-effectiveness of services offered, the performance indicators for reliability in logistics are of particular importance. These include the key figures for reliability and VMI performance (compliance with inventory limits) as well as the key figures for shipment notification.

What should I bear in mind when invoicing (e-invoicing)?

Invoicing via e-invoicing can be sent to the email address provided by your contact. Please ensure that the invoice is issued for the correct contractual partner and that the invoice consists of only one PDF file without any other attachments. If there are any difficulties in processing, please contact us, quoting the invoice or order number, at

Why is sustainability part of this process with Dräger?

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, we find ourselves facing new challenges and opportunities, with one of the most pressing issues being sustainability. We would like to explore the opportunity for the collaboration with our suppliers to better support the sustainability requirements in accordance with the German Supply Chain Act. Sustainability has become a central concern for businesses worldwide. The increasing awareness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues has led to a growing demand from consumers, investors, and governments for companies to operate responsibly and ethically. In Germany, the recent introduction of the German Supply Chain Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz) has further underscored the importance of sustainable practices within supply chains. 

How does Dräger measure sustainability?

The aim is to get more knowledge about our suppliers and their sustainability performance. Therefore, each Tier-1 supplier of direct or indirect material must be assessed for their sustainability risk at least once a year. The same assessment takes place for new suppliers. For this evaluation we use the CSR provider EcoVadis in two steps. The first step evaluates a theoretical risk for human rights violations and environmental pollution by country and sector of the supplier. Depending on the strategic meaning of the supplier we ask them to fulfill a complete EcoVadis rating in the second step. Of course, we appreciate if our suppliers already have a sustainability rating and can share it with us. If you want to learn more about EcoVadis and the meaning of the rating system, please visit Dragerwerk AG and Co KgaA ( In addition to the rating, we need the support of all our suppliers in regard of transparency about the value chains, material specifications and production methods.




The IT platform of our partner JAGGAER is the central element for the digitalization of Dräger’s material procurement process.

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Indirect materials as well as work and services are procured at Dräger via the cloud-based SAP Ariba platform.

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Tool for recording sustainability performance and risk

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For printing Dräger product labels, the SPrint tool offers the option of creating official labels in real time with little effort.

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Your personal contact to our purchasing departments

Was your question not answered by our FAQ? Are you looking for a personal contact for your request? Then please fill out the following form and we will get back to you.

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