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Here at Dräger, we are committed to “Technology for Life.” A commitment like this is only credible if the management and all our employees and business partners in every country in which we operate comply with the applicable laws. Our products and services can only live up to their promises if we, together with our business partners, also comply with our Principles of Business and Conduct and adhere to the highest possible standards of professionalism and integrity.

Stefan Dräger, Chairman of the Executive Board

“My Executive Board colleagues and I would like to be role models of how to understand compliance as an ongoing, open-ended responsibility. In our everyday conduct, it is important that we interact with our customers, colleagues, suppliers, and sales partners with the highest degree of professionalism and reliability. Each one of us is responsible for preserving and improving Dräger’s image around the world. We expect our employees and business partners to act with absolute integrity, to respect the people and laws in all countries in which we operate, and to feel that Dräger stands for quality and values in the past as well as in the future.”

Stefan Dräger

Chairman of the Executive Board

Compliance Management

Dräger has implemented a Compliance Management System (CMS) that is being further developed on an ongoing basis. The internal compliance framework includes common standards for compliance management systems based on the three pillars of prevention, detection, and response. Responsibility for these three pillars lies with everyone—managers and employees. Using the measures in our Compliance Management System, we want to reduce risks of regulatory violations related to corruption, antitrust law, and commercial criminal law (fraud), to reduce risks of handling possible conflicts of interest incorrectly, and to quickly recognize such risks to remedy them at an early stage. We want to support Dräger’s employees worldwide in this endeavor during their day-to-day work.

Further information on our Compliance Management System can be found in both the Sustainability Report and the Annual Report. Other compliance issues such as customs and export controls, taxes, money laundering prevention, or data protection are handled by other Group functions.

Speak up! We care.

Here at Dräger, one thing is important to us in this regard: Dealing with weaknesses and mistakes openly allows us to identify early on where we can take appropriate steps and where we may have to put internal company processes to the test.

“We don’t look away—we are committed to addressing problems and finding solutions!” This is how Stefan Dräger puts it. Help us to identify any potential damage to Dräger’s reputation and assets early on and prevent them by reporting your concerns.

We will always treat your concerns confidentially. Moreover, we do not tolerate any reprisals made against whistle-blowers who report potential compliance breaches to us in a responsible manner and in good faith. When we investigate a reported concern, we also keep in mind the interests of the affected party.

Our Principles of Business and Conduct

Report concerns and gain advice

The basis of effective compliance is reliable, secure communication channels for employees and business partners—but also for all other stakeholders. The most effective compliance only works if everybody is aware of his or her individual responsibility for behaving with integrity.

Our Principles of Business and Conduct

In our Principles of Business and Conduct (Code of Conduct), we describe our values and responsibilities as members of society, as business partners and in the workplace. We have defined these values in our manuals for employees and managers in the form of a code of conduct. Everyone at Dräger—from employee to manager to Executive Board member—must be familiar with our principles of business and conduct and use them to determine their actions so as to make appropriate decisions.

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Our Speak Up Culture

Our poster campaign about the Speak-Up culture and reporting concerns at Dräger: you are welcome to download our posters.

Integrity plakat 1

It‘s not always easy to talk about potential mistakes and shortcomings, and that‘s something we have to overcome. Have the courage to address potential violations of Dräger‘s Principles of Business and Conduct or of applicable law.

Integrity plakat 2

Nobody knows better than you what‘s going on in your environment. That‘s precisely why Dräger needs you. Just because it‘s ‚always been done that way‘, doesn‘t mean it‘s still the right way.

Integrity plakat 3

It‘s up to you! No matter how grave a situation might seem to you, you should report any suspected violations of Dräger‘s Principles of Business and conduct or of applicable law.

Integrity plakat 4

Dräger is committed to learning from mistakes because that too is part of proper compliance. Dräger offers safe, reliable reporting options to make sure your reports end up in the right place.

Integrity plakat 5

If you suspect misconduct, we‘re here to support you. If you encounter any potential violations of Dräger‘s Principles of Business and conduct or of applicable law, please let us know. Choose the route that is best for you.

Dräger Integrity Channel

The Dräger Integrity Channel is an online integrity reporting system available to Dräger employees, our business partners, and everybody else—anywhere, around the clock. It can be used to report concerns about potential breaches of the Principles of Business and Conduct of Dräger, internal company guidelines, or applicable laws, or to obtain advice about such matters.

In order to ensure that your access to the integrity reporting system cannot be tracked, there is no clickable link to the page here — just the page’s address.

Please copy this link completely into the address bar of your browser.

On the homepage, you will find information on how we handle reported concerns you have submitted.

You will find more information about the basic principle and functionality of the integrity reporting system on the homepage of Business Keeper GmbH, Germany.

We would like to establish personal contact.

As Dräger employees, your first point of contact should always be your supervisor.

As a Dräger customer, sales partner, supplier, or other Dräger stakeholder, please contact your respective Dräger representative. If you do not have a direct contact at Dräger, you can also share your questions and concerns with the Corporate Compliance Office directly. Send an email to:

We are aware that there can be situations in which direct, open dialogue seems inappropriate or you would generally like to remain anonymous. In such cases, the Dräger Integrity Channel offers you another way to report possible compliance violations—either anonymously or by name.

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