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Our understanding of sustainability

Sustainability and the continuous development of Dräger are an important part of our company’s DNA and corporate history.

The way we see it, our guiding philosophy, “Technology for Life”, means taking responsibility. Our products make a positive contribution to people and the environment in many ways. When developing our systems and processes, we make sure to conserve resources and to prevent potential risks arising from our business activities. At Dräger we see sustainability as being essential to our economic success. We must act responsibly at all our international locations and throughout our supply chain if we want to survive. We are convinced that compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as free and fair competition, must be the basis for all business activity—and that we must fight corruption and protect human rights.

Focal points for sustainable action

The goal of all our work is the successful longevity of the company. This can only be achieved through sustainable action and sustainable economic success, with consistently satisfied customers, suppliers, financial backers and neighbours in the communities and countries in which we live. This is the basis on which we have identified four focal points for sustainable action. We have set both strategic and specific objectives that we intend to further develop in the coming years. We have placed importance not only on improvements within the company, but also on our ability to make a measurable contribution to current social challenges:

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1. We improve healthcare for people around the world.


Both the number and average age of intensive care patients will continue to rise in the coming decades, posing further challenges to critical care in hospitals. We have set ourselves the goal of reducing the physical and psychological burden on doctors and nursing staff in critical care by automating routine work and therapy processes, as well as providing support in clinical decisions. We achieve this using solutions based on the networking and intelligent interaction of medical technology in critical care.

Target: By 2030 all relevant medical devices in our portfolio are to be equipped with the network interface for the new ISO/IEEE 11073 SDC interoperability standard.

At the same time there are some 15,000 employees at Dräger whose health and wellbeing are close to our hearts. As such, we have defined further targets to be pursued with the appropriate measures in 2021. The main objective is supporting and maintaining the health of our employees and ensuring healthy working conditions and organisational forms.

Target: We are reducing the sickness rate of our employees in Germany, with the permanent target being one percentage point below the benchmark of the Nordmetall employers’ association.

2. We strive for a future in which everyone is guaranteed occupational health and safety.


Every day our products and services protect hundreds of thousands of people at work. Thanks to Smart Safety—the networking of our gas warning and respiratory protective devices and the data analysis derived from it—we will enable our customers to detect unsafe situations earlier and manage them more efficiently. That is precisely the reason why we are already working non-stop on the networked solutions of tomorrow.

Target: The target is to have more than 80 per cent of our gas warning and respiratory protective devices portfolio offer smart, data-based added value by 2025.

The health and safety of all of our employees is a matter that is close to our heart. We believe that every accident at work is preventable. We are continuously expanding our safety culture to achieve our goal of Vision Zero—a world without occupational accidents.

Target: We want to reduce the lost-time incident rate (LTIR3) in the Dräger Group from 5.6 in 2019 to below 4.0 in 2025.

3. We not only protect the environment, but also help our customers protect theirs.


With our safety technology products and services, we help prevent emissions of pollutants and damaging events. Going forward we also want to position ourselves as a competent partner when it comes to protecting the climate. To enable this we will be expanding our portfolio to include products and services for measuring methane emissions, for example, which are very harmful to the climate. In future we also see further business areas in a future hydrogen economy.

There are also significant levers for working in hospitals in an environmentally friendly manner. We want to support our customers in implementing a Green Hospital® strategy. To ensure this we are developing products and digital solutions that will, for example, minimise emissions of climate-damaging anaesthetic gases. We are also working on building partnerships to enable us to drive this strategic goal forward. Climate protection tops the Group’s list of internal strategic goals in environmental management. Dräger is taking on the task of long-term decarbonisation in line with the United Nations climate protection goals with the following objective:

Target: Reduction of CO2 emissions by 33 per cent by 2025 as compared with the base year 2015. This target is to be achieved without the purchase of certificates.

4. We carefully select our suppliers and work together with them to implement our vision throughout the supply chain


We work with over 2,500 suppliers and select them carefully in order to make a valuable contribution to sustainable business. When doing so we attach great importance to high quality standards when it comes to Technology for Life. In future the selection of new suppliers and the awarding of new orders will take place under greater scrutiny of the various sustainability criteria. 

Aim: Beginning in 2022 we will review all new suppliers by means of a sustainability assessment before approval.

Our supply chain plays a substantial role in our product manufacturing process. As such, we ensure that our suppliers also take the sustainability criteria into account.

Target: Our objective for 2022 is to increase our coverage rate of direct purchasing materials with the supplier code of conduct from 81 per cent to 83 per cent.

External recognition of our sustainability performance

Dräger has been audited by reputable rating agencies. In its ISS ESG Corporate Rating from July 2020, ISS awarded us its Prime label, giving us the best rating in the health care equipment and supplies industry. The EcoVadis institute’s 2022 CSR assessment also placed Dräger among the top 1 percent of the sector, earning the company Gold status and allowing us to distinguish ourselves as a sustainable supplier. In 2021, Dräger retained its AA rating in the MSCI ESG2 Ratings from the previous year. MSCI ESGResearch provides ratings on global public companies and select private companies on a scale of AAA (leader) to CCC (laggard), according to exposure to industry-specific ESG risks and the ability to manage those risks relative to peers.



27.4% reduction in CO2 emissions

Reduction of CO₂ emissions compared with the base year 2015.

81% code of conduct

Our purchasing volume for production materials is covered by the supplier code of conduct, which sets strict rules against child labour, forced labour, discrimination, corruption and more.

23.2% of managers are women

Percentage of female managers in relation to the total number of managers (total percentage of female employees: 29.3%)*.

Sustainability - Stefan Dräger, Chairman of the Executive Board: “As a family entrepreneur, the things I do today, I want to be able to explain to my children tomorrow.”
Sustainability - Gert-Hartwig Lescow, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Board member for IT / “There is no profitability without sustainability. We find this fruitful exchange in a listed family business.”
Sustainability - Dr Reiner Piske, Executive Board member for Sales and Human Resources / “As the Chief Human Resource Officer, my primary focus is on our employees. Their health and safety are our greatest priority. This is why every accident is one too many!”
Sustainability - Anton Schrofner, Executive Board member for the medical division / “The medical division strategy, ‘Improving Acute Care’, also means that we will focus more strongly on sustainability from the earliest stages in the development of new products and systems.”
Sustainability - Rainer Klug, Executive Board member for the safety division / “I think it is vital that we carefully examine who our partners are. Only by doing so can we build trusting relationships based on cooperation that is fair and sustainable for all involved. The respect for human rights is my top priority.”



Our Technology for Life protects people and the environment. Protecting the environment is therefore not just our duty, but also an opportunity for us to gain a competitive advantage through environmentally friendly products and by conserving resources. For this reason we make sure that our day-to-day activities, in all areas of the company, protect the environment rather than damage it. We are committed to the United Nations’ climate action goals. We handle resources responsibly and work systematically to reduce our carbon footprint. What is more, Dräger products and services help our customers all over the world live up to their responsibility for people and the environment.

Climate protection tops the Dräger Group’s list of strategic goals in environmental management. At a global level, we aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 33% by 2025, starting from a base year of 2015. In the long term, we are committed to CO2 neutrality by 2045.

Almost all that glitters is gold—recycling at Dräger

Recycling in practice

Medical and safety technology require high-performance materials and metals. Dräger waste management returns raw materials from discarded products to the economic cycle.

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Environmentally conscious anaesthesia

A better climate in the operating room

The World Medical Association has declared a climate emergency and called for carbon neutrality by 2030. One of the many details to pay attention to is environmentally conscious anaesthesia. The anaesthetic agent poses a challenge.

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Human rights

Human rights

Respecting human rights is a core part of our corporate social responsibility. We show zero tolerance towards child or forced labour, as well as any form of modern slavery or work facilitated by human trafficking. This applies as much to our own companies as it does to our contractual partners and supply chains. We do not tolerate threatening behaviour or any form of violence towards employees in the workplace. We expect all of our employees to treat their colleagues and business partners politely, fairly and with respect.

Dräger, along with 49 other family-run companies from Germany, has also been taking a stance for more tolerance and cultural openness as part of the nationwide Made in Germany—Made by Vielfalt campaign since 2019. The philosophy behind the initiative is that a peaceful, respectful approach to dealing with each other is more important than a person’s ethnicity or cultural background.

Dräger is also a member of Genderdax, a gender and diversity project at Technische Hochschule Lübeck, designed by professionals and academics. This project aims at getting more women into specialist and management positions.

Diversity and equal opportunity

Diversity and equal opportunity

We see diversity as an opportunity and an invaluable asset. A diverse workforce helps us to produce better results. It helps us to look at things from different perspectives and integrate these new perspectives into our actions. That is why we strive towards achieving diversity and equal opportunities in all aspects of our business. We consider it our duty to combat and prevent discrimination. We show zero tolerance to discrimination on the basis of ethnic background, nationality, gender, religion, ideology, age, disability or sexual identity.

In 2008 Dräger signed the Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt), helping promote the recognition, appreciation and consideration of diversity in the working world.

Occupational health on-site safety service

Occupational health and safety

In many sectors worldwide, the name Dräger stands for safety at work—in the manufacturing industries, in mining and in fire services. We are making a positive contribution with our products and expertise in this critical area of working conditions worldwide. Increasingly, safety services are also being used by customers for whom we provide customer processes in part or in full in the field of plant safety. That is why it is especially important to keep an eye on occupational health and safety at our own company, in the supply chain and with our customers.

The health and safety of all of our employees is a matter that is close to our heart. We believe that every accident at work is preventable. Our goal is to achieve VISION ZERO—a world without occupational accidents.

Sustainability - Achieving Vision Zero with safety solutions

Achieving Vision Zero with safety solutions

Every industrial plant is different, and so are the occupational safety requirements on the journey to Vision Zero. We help you prevent accidents by creating a safe and healthy work environment. After all, safe and healthy working conditions are more than just a legal and moral obligation: they also make financial sense. Watch this video to see how Dräger’s Shutdown Safety Services team assists an industry customer with a shutdown.

A question of safety

A question of safety

According to our calculations, up to 20 per cent of all freight containers are contaminated with pollutants. Opening them can be dangerous. That is why Deichman, Germany’s largest shoe retailer, clears all containers before opening them.

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Supply chain

Supply chain

Our supply chain plays a substantial role in our product manufacturing process. We therefore pass the standards we place on ourselves on to our partners and suppliers as a matter of course. Working together allows us to ensure that we meet our standards for “Technology for Life”. We work in close cooperation with our suppliers to combine responsible management with economic success along the supply chain.

Packing and shipping

Supplier approval

Each of our suppliers undergoes a standardised approval process that verifies various aspects of responsible management. The supplier code of conduct includes specific requirements on child labour, forced labour, discrimination, corruption, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and material compliance, including conflict minerals.

Dräger production employee

Supply chain oversight

Supply chain partners are regularly audited for compliance with contractually agreed terms and conditions as part of our daily strategic purchasing work. More extensive surveillance audits are planned and carried out on the basis of various quality, logistics and responsibility criteria.


Long-term partnerships

We put a high value on long-term cooperation with our partners. This enables us to develop a relationship of cooperative trust from which both sides benefit. Long-term collaborations make it easier not only to fulfil our own standards, but to constantly improve them.



Dräger disapproves of all corrupt, anti-competitive and otherwise unlawful behaviour. Information about our anonymous whistle-blower system is available on our Compliance page.

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Social commitment

Dräger’s social commitment

Our mission is to make life a little bit better every day—above and beyond the scope of our technology. That is why we engage in predominantly social projects and education initiatives, making a contribution through material and financial donations. Our medical and safety products in particular give us the opportunity to help people in need, reduce suffering and make rescue workers’ jobs easier. What’s more, our employees also support our efforts through their own social commitments. Donations are only made after going through a transparent approval process, and are completed independent of Dräger’s procurement decisions and sales business. This ensures that we avoid any suspicion whatsoever of corruption or conflicts of interest. In 2008 Dräger signed the Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt), helping promote the recognition, appreciation and consideration of diversity in the working world.

Our sustainability report

Our sustainability report meets the requirements of the CSR Directive Implementation Act and is based on the internationally recognised guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The GRI is a non-profit organisation whose framework ensures the comparability of sustainability reporting among different companies.

“We protect people”, “We act ethically”, “We create value” and “We respect our environment” are the four major areas in which we inform our stakeholders about our corporate performance, successes and challenges in the reporting year.

Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2021

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Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2020

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Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainability Report 2019

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Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability Report 2018

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Sustainability Report 2017

Sustainability Report 2017

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