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Alternative care ventilation and respiratory monitoring

Alternative care facility solutions for a higher level of care

Today, many alternative care facilities must streamline their operational costs – while caring for patients with higher acuity levels who require more advanced support. We’re leveraging our 100+ years of critical care expertise into a new solution designed specifically to address your challenges.

  • Proven critical-care-quality equipment – to help you optimize care and reduce ICU transfers back to acute care: ventilators, patient monitors, medical supply units, and tested accessories and consumables
  • Specialized Alternative Care team – to help you design a customized workspace for peak efficiency and patient safety, while helping you meet ongoing challenges of pay/reimbursement and patient case mix
  • Financial calculator – to provide a predictable, all-inclusive pricing strategy that supports your planning
  • Comprehensive services – one vendor for all your device support, accessories, and service
The Draeger design center experience room

The Dräger Design Center

We invite you to visit our interactive Design Center in Telford, PA. Here you can experience our entire alternative care solution, including a custom-built mock-up of your ideal space.


Helping LTACHs deliver quality care, lower costs

Cost-effective combination of ICU-quality equipment, consumables, biomed service, and 24/7 clinical support facilitates complex cases.


Our products & solutions

LTAC outcomes in the ICU


Our high-performance ventilation can help bridge the transition from the ICU with proven lung-protective tools and weaning support methodologies.

LTAC monitoring


Our reliable patient monitoring solution includes a bedside monitor that can seamlessly go on transport with your patient and a secondary display that integrates patient data and brings networked information to the bedside.

LTAC supply units


Our medical supply units are in sync with today's design-optimized patient rooms. Integrated media terminals maximize safety, ease of cleaning, and hygiene.

LTAC services


Our highly flexible service plans and dedicated FedEx® Distribution Center in the USA give you peace of mind by minimizing downtime, ensuring compliance, and simplifying fleet management.

LTAC Accessories Consumables HCA


Accessories and consumables are tested and validated for compatibility, they work optimally with our devices to support the best possible outcomes. They are also friendly to the environment, patients, and caregivers.

*Draeger, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Breas Vivo 65 to hospital and alternative care facilities in the United States.

Improving alternative care

Improving alternative care

Learn more about how we can help your long-term acute care facility provide the best patient care while maintaining costs.

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Customize your solution with one-stop shopping

Select the products you need from our portfolio

Select the products you need from our portfolio

To create an integrated care space

to create an integrated care space

that supports optimal patient care

that supports optimal patient care

You will have a flexibleend to end solution

You will have a flexible, end-to-end solution

from a single-source provider

from a single-source provider

that is easy to build and efficient to maintain

that is easy to build and efficient to maintain.

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