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IT and Data Driven Solutions

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IT and Data Driven Solutions

As Your Specialist in Critical Care, Dräger knows that to improve outcomes and manage the cost of care, it takes more than medical equipment. That’s why we’ve developed clinical information systems and analytics tools that work interactively with our devices to support informed decision making and increase efficiency


Innovian® Anesthesia

Innovian® Anesthesia is a perioperative clinical information and data management system.  It works with you – from pre-op assessment to the PACU – to create a complete, continuous paperless record of your patient’s anesthetic care.

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Innovian Anesthesia 8.0

Innovian Anesthesia 8.0

Innovian Anesthesia is Dräger’s latest answer to the increasing complexity of anesthesia delivery and regulatory compliance.

gas consumption analytics sample dashboard

Gas Consumption Analytics

Reduce the consumption of volatile anesthetics with Gas Consumption Analytics. The application helps you to derive clinical and economical insights from the agent consumption of your anesthesia devices and creates transparency on consumption uptake, efficiency, cost, and applied fresh gas flows.

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Gas Consumption Analytics: Providing insights into anesthetic agent usage

Gas Consumption Analytics: Providing insights into anesthetic agent usage

Watch the video to discover why Gas Consumption Analytics is an important tool to improve efficiency and drive health outcomes in your operating rooms.


Alarm History Analytics

The Alarm History Analytics tool provides insights on vital sign alarms from connected Infinity® patient monitors.  It enables you to more easily analyze critical care alarms, help improve alarm management efficiency,  and address alarm fatigue.

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Case Study Avera Heart Hospital, USA

With a data-driven approach, Dräger helped the Avera Heart Hospital to reduce alarm rates by more than 30% while continuing to keep patients safe.

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