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Neonatal Intensive Care - Premature baby in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Neonatal Intensive Care

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Continually evolving care for newborns

Neonatal intensive care technology should enable caregivers to deliver life-sustaining, non-invasive, developmental care to neonates in a nurturing and supportive environment. Our goal is to help you improve outcomes during the newborn’s golden hour, transport path, and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) stay, while supporting you and the baby’s parents with training material and educational resources. We keep on creating outstanding technology and delivering innovative design that is focused on your premature babies – helping to ease workflows, improve therapy and support developmental care and infection prevention practices. That's why we are your Specialist in Critical Care.


Frost & Sullivan selected Dräger for its 2022 Global Neonatal Devices & Neonatal Respiratory Care New Product Innovation Award due to the company’s extensive expertise and best-in-class capabilities - with customer value as a strategic imperative.

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NICU by Dräger

Neonatal Intensive Care - NICU by Dräger - Truman HospitalPlay video
NICU by Dräger – University Health Kansas City (at Truman Medical)

Discover how Dräger helped University Health Kansas City at Truman Medical Center create a new family-centered NICU using the latest technology in neonatal care.

Neonatal Intensive Care - NICU by Dräger – Mountain View HospitalPlay video
NICU by Dräger – Mountain View Hospital

Learn how Dräger helped Mountain View Hospital design their Level III NICU using the latest technology available --- all while keeping patient and staff satisfaction in mind.

INSIGHTS by Dräger

Ideas and innovations that can help you achieve your clinical and business goals by improving clinical outcomes, managing the cost of care, ensuring staff satisfaction, and enhancing the patient experience.


Designing a Family Centered, Staff Friendly NICU


Neonatal Equipment Buying Considerations


5 Key Success Factors for a Small Baby NICU

Noise in NICU.jpg

Sensory Stimuli: How They Impact Premature Infants

Premature baby gets care in the NICU

Thermoregulation in the NICU

Careful heat management of newborns is important in every NICU. Although thermoregulation is now known to have an impact on patient outcome, it is an area for further education. Here is an in-depth look at why it’s important to keep NICU babies within the optimal ‘thermo-neutral’ range to provide the best conditions for growth and maturity.

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Baby is being treated for jaundice in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

Newborn jaundice treatment

Newborn jaundice treatment – from screening to phototherapy – has changed considerably over the past several years. Read about when and how to screen and the types of gentle and effective treatment available to neonates. Also get some useful information to help families understand jaundice.

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Premature baby is supplied with oxygen

Neonatal ventilation and lung protection

Neonatal ventilation is an important part of the care you deliver in the NICU. However, ventilation of preemies and neonates remains a substantial challenge even for the most experienced caregiver. Read about neonatal ventilation strategies and gain a deeper understanding of how to avoid damage to the immature respiratory systems and brains of premature babies.

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Nurse monitors the amount of light reaching a premature baby in the NICU

NICU lighting

When it comes to premature babies, light is a complex matter. You need to know when to avoid too much exposure and brightness and also understand how the right amount of light can have a positive influence on development. Read how creating a supportive light environment in the NICU, with the right care and the right technology, can truly benefit your littlest patients.

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Caregiver’s hand rests on premature baby in the NICU

Noise in the NICU

For babies in the NICU, noise presents a complex issue. Loud noises can be especially harmful to premature babies, sometimes causing hearing damage and developmental delays. However, newborns respond extremely well to beneficial and comforting sounds. Here we look at good versus bad noises and discuss how to create a nurturing NICU noise environment.

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Premature baby is cared for in the NICU

Developmental care in the NICU

NICUs can be stressful environments – for babies, parents and caregivers. Pro-developmental and family-centered care concepts help remove factors that cause stress. Learn how to establish a quiet and calm environment that promotes neural and physiological growth in premature babies, and also helps caregivers feel less stress, so the focus can stay on delivering the best possible care.

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Neonatal care area workplace design

NICU workflow design

For neonatal care, standardized processes and automated therapy modes become increasingly important. Our efficient workplaces and innovative devices help provide optimal care for the smallest patients.

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babyleo tn500 incubator

Neonatal infection prevention

Babies – especially premature ones – are susceptible to hospital-acquired infections. Our devices are optimized to effectively break the chain of infection, with their design and range of matching disposable accessories and consumables.

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Neonatal Intensive Care - Our Mission as NeonatologistsPlay video
Our Mission as Neonatologists
Neonatal Intensive Care - Reframing Barriers in the NICUPlay video
Reframing Barriers in the NICU
Neonatal Intensive Care - IVH Grading System and PrognosisPlay video
Resources for Preemie Parents & Clinical Professionals
Neonatal Intensive Care - The Evolution of Neonatal Care at DrägerPlay video
The Evolution of Neonatal Care at Dräger
Nonatal care area parents with baby

Neonatal respiratory courses

A Breath Ahead is an interactive community for leaders and practitioners in Respiratory Care. Learn from researchers, academics and clinicians – all weighing in on current issues and emerging trend. Find newest webinars, video interviews, articles and case studies on all featured topics, and earn complimentary continuing respiratory care education (CRCE) credits.

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Baby given phototherapy treatment with BiliLux LED phototherapy light system

Jaundice Management

Nurse oversees a premature baby in an incubator

Neonatal Incubators & Thermoregulation


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