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Protective Ventilation - Medical ventilation: Illustration of a protected lung in an orb

Protective Ventilation

Ensuring Lung Protection in the OR

There is increasing evidence that lung-protective strategies in the OR may have substantial benefits such as less morbidity and mortality as well as decreased costs. As a global leader in protective ventilation, especially in the operating room, we are committed to facilitating the communication of valuable clinical information as it relates to improving the practice of anesthesia care. That’s why we provide you with the latest scientific findings about medical ventilation and lung protection in the OR.

Obese patient ventilation

Lung protection in obese patients

Obese patients present different challenges during anesthesia. We present specific approaches to and background information about perioperative lung protection for these patients.

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Protective ventilation lung recruitment

Lung recruitment during general anesthesia

Recruiting atelectasis intraoperatively can be an important clinical procedure, but is subject to controversy with respect to protective ventilation. Get the latest background.

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Lung protection during general anesthesia

Every day you manage patients with healthy and injured lungs. Find out which patients may benefit from protective ventilation approaches and how this could be performed.

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Protective ventilation intraoperative spontaneous breathing

Intraoperative spontaneous breathing

Early intraoperative spontaneous breathing might contribute to lung protection, although it only plays a minor role in current discussions. Discover more about another aspect of protective ventilation.

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Apollo IACS Innovian Anesthesia C700

Low-flow anesthesia for lung protection

Besides economic effects, low-flow anesthesia can have relevant clinical benefits in the OR by contributing to lung protection. We provide for you this technology in detail.

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Useful resources

Clinical whitepaper: Intraoperative recruitment maneuvers
Whitepaper intraoperative recruitment

For many anesthesiologists, recruitment maneuvers are a routine procedure in general anesthesia, even though it is often not clear what evidence-based medicine suggests or the current thinking among experts. This paper sheds some light on the current discussion.

Clinical whitepaper: Benefits of low-flow anesthesia
Clinical benefits of low- and minimal-flow anesthesia

General anesthesia using low fresh gas flows has been widely discussed with respect to the saving potential for anesthetic gases and oxygen, enticing us with significant economic and ecologic benefits. Low- and minimal-flow anesthesia is also capable of offering clinically relevant benefits in a way that has been out of focus in recent discussions on intraoperative protective ventilation.

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