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Experience the Babyleo® TN500 IncuWarmer - Babyleo TN500 clinical setting

Experience the Babyleo® TN500 IncuWarmer

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Requirements for incubators have dramatically changed over the years. Neurosupportive and age appropriate care that meets NICU guidelines and best practices are required to help ensure positive long-term outcomes. The new Dräger Babyleo TN500 has been designed to continually stabilize the baby’s temperature, provide noise and light monitoring, positive sound stimulation, family centered care, and excellent infection prevention. 

Discover all the advantages of Babyleo

Babyleo advanced thermoregulation

Redefining thermoregulation – Keeping the temperature stable

The Babyleo is the first device to provide 3 synchronized heat sources—dual radiant heat, heated mattress and convective heaters to help improve patient temperature at admission and comply with standard clinical protocols. New advanced therapy modes automate processes and reduce variability of care.

  • Warm-up mode - Provides the ability to follow warm-up protocols.
  • Weaning mode -  Helps automate weaning of patients from incubators.
  • Cooling mode - Supports and optimizes hypothermia induced therapy.


  • Keeps the temperature stable in open or closed mode so heat loss and overheating are minimized or avoided.
  • Transition standby ensures fast warm up and turnaround for units with high patient population.
  • "Clear view" reduces condensation on hood when you run high humidity.
  • Closed Humidification System helps ensure accurate delivery of humidity with Auto Mode that adjusts to temperature settings.
Babyleo with Ponta and Gemina Duo systems

Making your workflow easier and more efficient

Babyleo’s ergonomic design provides easy access to the baby and all necessary tools to provide the best in care.


  • Easy access through the hood, side walls, or jumbo ports without compromising the patient temperature.
  • Easy to maneuver via handles and large double castors.
  • Transfer device settings via USB to make the patient transition quicker.
  • Easy accessible X-ray tray, electronic bed tilt and lift, and integrated scale.
  • Seamless workplace integration of patient monitoring, infusion devices, examination lighting, and respiratory support keeps essential patient information and devices together during patient transfer.
  • Standardized alarm management practices and ease of implementation across the NICU to reduce nuisance alarms.
Babyleo application with family

Creating an environment conducive to developmental and neurosupportive care

The Babyleo supports developmental care practices with tools and features that help protect the baby from harmful stimuli.


  • Unique, extremely low operating noise level (40db), with an integrated sound and light monitoring system that aligns with recommended NICU guidelines and best practices.
  • Personalized "Family view" feature and “Kangaroo mode” brings parents closer to the care process, improving overall outcome, and CAHPS scores.
  • Unique and safe integrated audio function allows parents to play music or a recording of the mother’s heartbeat or voice, adding positive stimuli into the infants environment.
  • Low device settings position the baby at the same level as the mother—in bed, chair and other positions.
  • Navigational lighting to allow you to move safely at night without disturbing the baby.
Babyleo campaign image

Meeting infection prevention practices

The Babyleo’s unique features meet infection prevention practices.


  • Closed-loop humidity system helps to eliminate the risk of germs entering Babyleo’s humidity reservoir.
  • Smooth surfaces and few parts to disassemble makes cleaning easy.
  • Easy disassembling and assembling for thorough cleaning

Useful resources

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Infographic: Elevated Technology at a Glance
Florida hospital Ginsberg Tower

Florida Hospital NICU

Florida Hospital, working with Dräger, a world leader in medical technology, is the first hospital in the United States to implement the Babyleo TN500 IncuWarmer beds to NICUs across the Florida Hospital system.

This global collaboration between Dräger and Florida Hospital combines the expertise and innovative technology providing state-of-the-art care for premature babies.

"Florida Hospital is always seeking out the latest innovations to improve patient care," said Dr. Rajan Wadhawan, medical director of neonatology of Florida Hospital for Children. "We’re excited to be the first hospital system in the United States to fully implement the Babyleo into our neonatal care network."

Dr. Rajan Wadhawan
Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director of Neonatology

Dräger's Babyleo TN500 IncuwarmerPlay video

Dräger's Babyleo TN500 Incuwarmer

The new Dräger Babyleo TN500 has been designed to continually stabilize the baby’s temperature, provide noise and light monitoring, positive sound stimulation, family centered care, and excellent infection prevention.

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