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Investment in Dräger - Investment in Dräger

Investment in Dräger

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Welcome to Investor Relations

Welcome to the Investor Relations page for Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA. Here you can find more information about our company profile, reasons to invest, our company goals, and our markets.

We stand for ›Technology for Life‹

Dräger manufactures medical and safety technology products. By doing so, we protect, support, and save the lives of people in hospitals, fire departments, rescue services, government agencies, mining, and industry around the world. The family-run company was founded in Lübeck, Germany, in 1889. Over the past five generations, Dräger has evolved into a global, publicly traded group. Dräger employs more than 16,000 people worldwide and is currently represented in over 190 countries. In 2022, the company generated net sales of around EUR 3.05 billion. Dräger technology is used all over the world. We operate in around 50 countries with our own sales and service companies directly on location where our customers are. The company’s long-term success is based on the four key strengths of its value-driven corporate culture:

  • customer intimacy,
  • professional employees,
  • continuous innovation, and
  • a commitment to outstanding quality.

Company Profile

Reasons to invest in Dräger

Drägerwerk shift operations in Lübeck

Flexible—even in times of crisis

Switch to a multiple-shift schedule, ramp-up of production capacities, and development and opening of new production sites after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Quality and innovation

Quality and innovation

The Dräger brand is known worldwide for quality and innovation.

Generations at Dräger


Dräger combines a modern approach to management with the values of a family-run company.

Our milestones history timeline

A global leader

Dräger is a global leader in the fields of medical and safety technology.

Safety and hospital products

Technology for Life

Dräger provides products that protect, support, and save lives.

Global network

Global network

Dräger has formed well-established customer relationships over many years through its global sales and service network.

Company goals

Long-term company goals

We have been devoted to developing and producing ›Technology for Life‹ for over 130 years now – it is a vital part of our corporate identity. Our products protect, support, and save lives. These are our foundations, which we will continue to build on in the future. In order to maintain and further strengthen our market position, in the future we will continue to do everything we can to optimally align the interests of our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, banks, and those in our direct vicinity with our own.

Our company principles are and remain the guiding philosophy for all our actions. They determine a key part of our decision-making: We are an independent, self-determined, pioneering, value-creating, and attractive company.

Our four corporate aspirations represent our vision of Dräger in the coming years. 

We are first choice for our customers

Across all functions, we have a joint focus on our customers, who have a positive experience at all Dräger touchpoints. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is high.

We have a truly global footprint

Around the world, we offer a high level of service to our customers. We have the right structures and processes to serve our global markets, work with our suppliers, and support our sales channel partners. We encourage our people to bring out their talent wherever they are and in whatever function they operate. Our balanced global resources give us greater flexibility, allow us to respond quicker to opportunities, and make us more resilient. We think globally and act locally.

We are networking across borders as entrepreneurs

We see the big picture, share our knowledge and expertise, support and collaborate with each other, and learn from each other. We are all part of a highly professional and social network working across departmental, legal entity, and country borders. This goes beyond our Company and includes customers, suppliers, and sales channel partners. We manage the challenge to be connected. Our entrepreneurial spirit is based on our individual judgement and common sense.

We get things done

We get things done with an entrepreneurial culture in a lean organization. For our customers, we have offerings that no other supplier can match, whether these are innovative products, integrated systems, or engineered solutions. With our innovations, we are the first to fulfill customer needs. Dräger’s culture empowers our people to make decisions each and every day.

Medium-term company goals

Our medium-term company goals are based on our corporate aspirations and are aligned with financial and non-financial targets. While defining our current goals, we determined the following priorities:

Profitable growth and balanced regional distribution

Our two markets, medical and safety technology, are global growth markets. As a result, we expect these markets to contribute to growth across all regions, with the Americas and Africa, Asia, and Australia (AAA) growing more quickly than Europe. This will allow us to achieve a well-balanced global footprint.

Innovation leadership

›Technology for Life‹ is our guiding philosophy. Technology stands for technological innovation and engineering excellence, which are deeply ingrained in our DNA. We have products that are held in high regard, considered particularly innovative, and market-leading in certain aspects. These innovative products are developed in close collaboration with customers all over the world, by a top-class research and development team. The team utilizes the latest technologies and methods and is always conscious of achieving continuous improvement.

At the same time, we invest in commercial innovations to develop business models that meet the requirements of our existing and future customers. We also support local innovation and added value in different countries, particularly in services, project business, and additional software, by offering engineered solutions where they are utilized.

Competency in the fields of system business and interoperability

To offer our customers even more value, we are strengthening our system business. This means that we understand customer requirements both from a technical and a business perspective. With this system approach, we can achieve a larger share of wallet and share of mind among our customers and are integrated deeply in their value chain. We are developing our business more toward an approach based on system solutions and cash-flow orientation. One of the reasons for doing this is to counteract a price war in which some of our traditional products are becoming a commodity.

Interoperability is the ability of machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect with each other and communicate. This approach supports our customers’ decision-making process through greater transparency, by linking up data and providing recommendations. In most cases, these systems run on an infrastructure that we do not develop ourselves and that is not owned by us or the customer. We deliver and procure the components and bear responsibility for system functionality.

Strategic goals in markets


With our products, system solutions, and services, we are helping hospitals around the world to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes in acute care – despite rising challenges.

  • Improving acute care through therapy support and automation
  • Connected medical technology
  • Modernization of the product portfolio
  • Development of cutting-edge data infrastructure
  • Development of other digital solutions


In the safety division, our portfolio of products and solutions includes stationary and mobile gas detection systems, personal protective equipment, alcohol and drug testing devices, and a varied range of training and services.

Our goal is to continuously improve the safety and productivity of industrial processes and employees through this portfolio of hardware, software, consulting, and services. In our target markets, fire and rescue services, raw material extraction, the chemical industry, and oil and gas, we work with our customers to develop integrated safety approaches and solutions that are tailored to the individual situation based on our application understanding, outstanding service orientation, and global on-site presence.

We focus on the following strategic issues in order to develop the safety division’s market position:

  • Internationalization of rental and safety services
  • Increased focus on the market for light respiratory protection
  • Digitalization and data-supported services
  • Optimizing touch points on the path to the customer
  • Developing promising fields of sustainability and renewable energies

Expectations for fiscal year 2023

Results achieved for fiscal year 2022

Forecast for fiscal year 2023

Net sales (net of currency effects)

-11.5 %

7.0 to 11.0 %

Gross margin

40.7 %

43.0 to 45.0 %

EBIT margin

-2.9 %

0.0 to 3.0 %


EUR -196.2 million

EUR -110 to 0 million

R&D costs

EUR 343.5 million

EUR 335 to 350 million

Net financial debt

EUR 259.2 million


Investment volume1

EUR 93.4 million

EUR 80 to 100 million

Interest result

EUR -13.8 million

EUR -20 to -26 million

Days Working Capital (DWC)

112.5 days

103 to 108 days

Excluding acquisitions and the capitalization of right-of-use assets pursuant to IFRS 16

Our markets


As a specialist for acute care, our aim is to optimize critical care. Because our focus is on the satisfaction of hospital staff and the well-being of patients in addition to improving clinical results and optimizing treatment costs, Dräger has been passionate about developing technologies, products, expertise, and services for critical care that help hospitals achieve their goals for over 130 years.

More on our medical business


Dräger Safety offers a wide range of safety products such as mobile and fixed gas detection devices, as well as personal protective equipment. A global sales network and more than 130 years of experience underpin Dräger’s outstanding reputation in the field of safety technology. For small-scale enterprises and major corporations alike, Dräger has the ideal solution for every situation and helps protect employees, equipment, and systems.

More on our safety business

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