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Dräger Aerotest® Alpha

The Dräger Aerotest® Alpha is the instrument of choice for monitoring the purity of breathing air in the low pressure range. In combination with the Dräger oil impactor and Dräger-Tubes the system provides immediate results to assess the quality of the breathing air.

Tested breathing air

Using the Dräger Aerotest Alpha, it is possible to determine the quality of the breathing air which is supplied by a compressor or a compressed gas cylinder. By means of the test system, the reliable testing of the breathing air is ensured according to the applicable classification EN 12021.

Pollutant detection and measurement

Using the Dräger Aerotest Alpha, it is possible to reliably determine different potential pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor or oil in the compressed air flow. Optionally, the values can be determined simultaneously or individually.

Fast and easy to use

Using the plug connection, the measuring device, which can be used independently of power supplies, can be connected to the low-pressure compressed air supply system to be monitored easily and without problems. Within five minutes, the quick check delivers a precise measurement result and shows the degree of the contamination.

Dräger Oil Impactor

The Dräger Oil Impactor was developed especially for the testing and checking of compressed air for oil aerosols. Apart from common and conventional oils, even synthetic oils can be measured without problems – independent of the kind or viscosity. All necessary components of the Dräger Aerotest Alpha are packaged in a rigid case.


A laboratory behind glass Brochure, en
A laboratory behind glass Brochure, en

The Dräger-Tubes are an extremely cost-effective and, above all, reliable method of measurement. Dräger-Tubes have proved themselves a million times over and are used all over the world.


Aerotest Alpha Product Information, en-us
Aerotest Alpha Product Information, en-us


Handbook for Dräger-Tubes and MicroTubes - 20th editionubes - 20. Auflage
Handbook for Dräger-Tubes and MicroTubes - 20th editionubes - 20. Auflage

General information regarding gas measurement, information about our Dräger-Tubes and their applications as well as about our analysis system X-act 7000 with MicroTubes, and CMS.


Portable Gas Detection - Family Brochure, en
Dräger-Tubes (classified as dangerous goods, PG III) Product Safety Information, en
Dräger-Tubes and MicroTubes (w/o hazardous material classification) Product Safety Information, en
IFU Oil 10/a-P 67 28 371 9032000 en-us-me

Tubes and hazardous substances

Dräger-Tubes can be used to measure a large number of different substances. Check the different tubes and measuring ranges by searching for a substance and get in contact with our experts for more information.

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