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Dräger Aerotest® SimultanTest CO2 Breathing Gas Monitoring

Dräger Aerotest® SimultanTest CO2

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Dräger Aerotest® SimultanTest CO2

The Dräger SimultanTest CO2 allows the purity of carbonic acid to be measured in the 3 bar low pressure range.

Tested and approved determination

​The test system was developed and designed specifically for use in the beverage industry, but applies in a wide field of operations (e.g. in the chemical and petrochemical industry), where tests are conducted to check the purity of carbon dioxide. Using the Dräger SimultanTest CO2, contamination in carbon dioxide can be easily and precisely detected.

The working method of the Dräger SimultanTest CO2 is based on the well-established Dräger-Tubes®, a very efficient method for detecting and measuring toxic gases. It is possible to reliably detect and determine potential pollutants such as ammonia, nitrous gases, phosphine, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water vapor optionally either individually or simultaneously.

Fast and easy to use

​The measuring device, which functions independently of a power source, can be easily connected with the plug-in connector to the carbonic acid pipeline system to be checked. In approx. five minutes, the Simultan Test CO2 indicates measurement results and provides information about the degree of contamination.

Always ready for use

All components of the Dräger SimultanTest CO2 are housed readily available in a handy carrying case.


Aerotest Simultantest CO2 Product Information, en-us
Aerotest Simultantest CO2 Product Information, en-us


IfU Aerotest LP Dräger SimultanTest CO2 9021407 me
IfU Aerotest LP Dräger SimultanTest CO2 9021407 me

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