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Dräger Agila™ Ceiling Arm System Ceiling Supply Units

Dräger Agila Ceiling Arm System

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Dräger Agila Ceiling Arm System

The Dräger Agila ceiling-mounted arm system enhances workspace efficiency by getting devices and supplies off the floor, positioning them directly at the acute point of care, and minimizing the amount of precious workspace used.

Enhanced workplace efficiency

By getting devices and supplies off the floor and positioned for easy access directly at the point of care, the Dräger Agila ceiling arm system helps you make the most of available workspace.

Ready for the future

With the Agila, you’re always prepared for the future. Because it features standardized connections and ample load carrying capacity, adding additional consoles, drawers, and other components is never a problem. The Agila gives you the power to change your setup without expensive, messy construction or renovation.

Vertical design philosophy

The ergonomic design of the Agila ceiling supply unit facilitates optimal workflow, unhindered patient access, improved hygiene and enhanced safety. The Agila helps you keep cables out of the way. The result is a safer workplace and more comfortable conditions for staff and patients alike.

Many options to choose from

The Agila supply unit is a perfect choice for workplaces with medium weight requirements. The total carrying capacity for lifting or non-lifting versions is 120kg. Depending on media carrier - you can choose from a range of different heads and columns - the maximum number of electric and gas outlets range from 18-51. The Agila column tube is available in lengths of 1250 and 1500 mm. It features three full-length stainless steel tubes plus horizontal stainless steel rails top and bottom. This allows you to mount equipment on all sides. The Agila lift system is ideal for situations where vertical positioning is required.

Flexible, modular design

The modular design of the Agila makes it a perfect choice for a variety of applications. It’s at home in the emergency room, the operating room, or any ICU or intermediate care unit. A broad range of arm lengths, lift options, media head and columns let you put together the Agila supply unit to meet your individual needs.

Custom colors

The Dräger Color Line, a carefully selected color palette for media front plates, lets you put the proven power of color to work for you and your patients to create a pleasant, restful healing environment. Choose the colors that best complement your existing care environment.

360 Product View

Draeger Agila Ceiling Supply Unit 360

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