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Dräger Alcotest® 6820 Breathalyzer

Dräger Alcotest® 6820

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Dräger Alcotest® 6820

Keeping the roads safe and free of impaired drivers is an unpredictable and high stress job. Dräger designed the Alcotest® 6820 handheld breathalyzer specifically for the alcohol testing needs of law enforcement officers. It’s easy to use and provides fast, reliable results in the toughest environments you face when every second matters. For Law Enforcement Purposes or Use in DOT Regulated Industries Only

Dependable Under Harsh Conditions

At Dräger, we understand that roadside breath alcohol testing occurs in a wide variety of environmental conditions. The sleek design and quality workmanship enable the Alcotest 6820 to stand up to hard use and varying environmental conditions from hot and dry, to cold and wet. Durable casing material and a sealed battery compartment make the breathalyzer highly resistant to cold or moisture; in addition, it was designed specifically to keep out dust and water.

Easy to Use, Easy to Read

Roadside alcohol testing can be a challenging and dangerous task requiring a high degree of concentration. This is where the true value of an easy-to-operate breathalyzer comes into play. All measurement functions are controlled with a single button. The instrument guides you through the breath alcohol test with easily understandable full-text messages on a large, backlit display. An LED indicator and acoustic signals support the visual display and indicate when the test is complete. Two menu keys let you easily navigate the menu and access statistical data and settings.

Practical Design

The compact size of the Alcotest 6820 makes it easy to hold and operate with only one hand. The mouthpiece snaps easily into the holder even when it’s dark thanks to its intuitive shape. Whether you are right- or left-handed or whether you’re testing traffic moving on the right or left side of the road, the display is always in clear view. After use, the mouthpiece can be removed easily and without contamination.

Ready for Use Within Four Seconds

An integrated electrochemical Dräger sensor provides very short response times, coupled with precision and durability. Ready for use within four seconds, the Alcotest 6820 has even faster startup and response times than its predecessor, the Alcotest 6810. Test results are reliable – whether the temperature is 23 °F or 122 °F. Even with high alcohol content, the sensor provides fast, accurate results. And this is true in all measurement modes, active and passive measurements.


Alcotest 6820 Product Information, en-us
Alcotest 6820 Product Information, en-us


Alcotest Handheld Product Suite, en-us
Alcotest Handheld Product Suite, en-us

Roadside alcohol testing can be challenging and unpredictable. That’s why Dräger designed Alcotest® handheld breath testers to be accurate and easy to use – regardless of the conditions you face.


Dräger Review special Drugs and Alcohol Brochure, en
Dräger Review special Drugs and Alcohol Brochure, en

Special brochure all around the topic drugs and alcohol.


IFU SP Alcotest 4000/5000/6000/7000 - Safety-related information 9300215 en-us-me
Portfolio Highlight Brochure Oil and Gas, en

Technical Data

Key Facts

Sensor technology
Dräger Electrochemical Sensor / Fuel cell
Bluetooth Module
System Integration
GPS Module
Data storage
5000 Tests
Data readout via PC
Charging of rechargeable batteries in device
Print option
Language conversion by customer

Tests Modes

Active breath alcohol test
Non-Contact breath test
Passive breath alcohol test
Dräger Alcotest mouthpiece
Dräger Alcotest funnel
Displayed Results
Alcohol concentration value will be shown

Technical Data

Measuring range
up to 2.5 mg/L
Operating temperature
23°F - 122°F
Black / White
Connection port
3.5mm jack plug
Type of battery
2xAA-LR6 / 2x NiMH
Number of tests from full battery
Protection class
Calibration interval
6 months
Start up time
2 seconds
Analyse time after test sample
3 to 25 seconds
Recovery time to be ready for next test
20 to 120 seconds


CE Sign
EU Police approval (EN15964)
EU Private Use approval (EN16280)
✗ not approved, because not required as no application in this area
NHTSA Evidential
✓ (AS3547:1997)
German Lloyd
US Coast Guard
UK Home Office
Criminal Code of Canada

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