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Anesthetic gas monitoring OEM Products and Components

Anesthetic gas monitoring

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Anesthetic gas monitoring

The Vamos® monitoring system offers an economic solution in Gas Measurement.


The Vamos monitoring system offers an economic solution in Gas Measurement of:

  • 5 volatile Anesthetic Gases:
    • Halothane
    • Enflurane
    • Isoflurane
    • Sevoflurane
    • Desflurane
  • N2O
  • CO2

With breath to breath resolution:

  • Option: SpO2

Furthermore Vamos provides ergonomic features such as:

  • Brilliant Electroluminescence Display
  • Human Interface with Dräger „Rotary Knob“ Control
  • Ergonomic Menu Operation
  • Flexible Mounting of Vamos with the „GCX“ System
  • Special cost- effective Mounting on Dräger „Fabius“

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