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Dräger Babylog® VN500 Neonatal ICU ventilation

Dräger Babylog® VN500

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Dräger Babylog® VN500

For generations to come. The Babylog® VN500 combines our years of experience with the latest technology. The result is a complete, integrated ventilation solution for the tiniest of patients. Move on toward new frontiers today and be prepared for the developments of tomorrow.

Configurable user interface and monitoring tools

  • Individual monitoring views that can be determined by the user

  • Standardized, intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface

  • Online help including context-sensitive help functions

  • Extended monitoring functions and smart data visualizations

Decision-making tools that decrease cognitive workload

  • Smart Pulmonary View provides a graphical display of the compliance and resistance, including spontaneous breathing

  • Trending, measured parameters, waveforms and loops

Workstation functions

  • Configuration to suit your needs

  • Downloadable screenshots for training, research and knowledge transfer

  • Fast, standard configuration of all Babylog VN500 devices via USB

  • Ability to connect the C500 Cockpit display to an overhead projector

  • 3 RS-232 data ports for information sharing to central database systems

  • Several log export options to support learning and research

Advanced respiratory care

  • Original Dräger leak adaptation and leak compensation technology to maintain sensitive triggering and volume targets

  • Volume Guarantee can be used for weaning and promotes spontaneous breathing and automatically adapts support in line with patient needs

  • Integrated non-invasive ventilation and high-flow oxygen therapy


Brochure: Babylog VN500
Brochure: Babylog VN500


Datasheet: Babylog VN500
Datasheet: Babylog VN500


Babylog VN500 Product Trainer
Babylog VN500 Product Trainer

​The birth of a new era.


Clinical Booklet: Non-invasive respiratory support for neonates
Curves and Loops in Mechanical Ventilation Booklet, en
Case Study: High-flow Nasal O2 Therapy (Seattle Children's Hospital)
Case Study: Volume Guarantee (Seattle Children's Hospital)
Clinical Booklet: It began with the Pulmotor - One Hundred Years of Artificial Ventilation
Clinical Booklet: Ventilation Modes (Nomenclature)
White Paper: Volume Guarantee

Technical Data

Protective Ventilation

Operational Application
Fully-featured, high-end NICU ventilator
Patient categories
Pediatric patients, Neonates
Add Ons
High-level therapy and decision support with innovative functions
Inspiratory Flow
max. 120 L/min

Ventilation Modes

Pressure controlled ventilation
Support of spontaneous breathing

Technical Data

Screen Display
17" color touch
Serial interfaces
Internal Battery
30 min
External Battery
✓ Optional


Smart Pulmonary View
✓ Standard
Volume Guarantee
✓ Optional
Non-invasive ventilation
✓ Optional
CO2 Monitoring
✓ Optional
✓ Optional
O2 therapy
✓ Standard
✓ Standard
✓ Standard

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