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Dräger Compressed Air Breathing Cylinders Accessories-for-Breathing-Apparatus

Dräger Compressed Air Breathing Cylinders

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Dräger Compressed Air Breathing Cylinders

Designed using leading technology and advanced materials, Dräger’s range of composite cylinders can be used in any application where breathing becomes difficult or impossible.

Advanced Materials

Manufactured from a seamless aluminium liner and over wrapped with carbon fibre in an epoxy matrix. An external layer of glass fibre in an epoxy matrix is then wrapped onto the cylinder. This external layer of glass fibre is applied to enhance the resistance of the cylinder to impact and abrasion in service. Following a high temperature curing of the epoxy matrix, an external gel coat is applied to the surface of the cylinder, providing a smooth, easily cleaned surface for the cylinder.

Full PPE Approved System

Because Draeger manufacture all elements of the breathing apparatus system – mask, harness and cylinders – you can be assured of the highest quality and maximum performance, whilst also benefitting from a full PPE approved system from a single manufacturer. All Draeger valved cylinder assemblies are fully approved to pressure equipment directive and PED approved to BS EN 1964-1:1999

Extensive Range

Choose from a broad range of compressed air cylinders to configure breathing apparatus to your individual requirements. Draeger offers a complete range of 200 bar and 300 bar steel and composite cylinders. Sizes range from 4 L 200 bar to 9L 300bar with a choice of cylinder valves. Configuration to customers requirements is also available via a cylinder configurator.

Leading Technology

Manufactured and tested using automated, computer controlled processes. Continuous re-investment in plant and equipment ensures that Draeger cylinders are manufactured and tested in accordance with the most technologically advanced processes available. Automatic data collection ensures full traceability of materials used and the effective monitoring of critical process parameters.

Cylinder Quick Connect Option

The Draeger cylinder quick-connect allows quick and easy change-out of cylinders both in the field and in the workshop. This provides for more efficient and smooth operations by eliminating the time-consuming threading of the handwheel to the cylinder valve.


Dräger offer a wide range of accessories to compliment the range of cylinders. These include EN137 PVC and Nomex cylinder covers, transport blanks, Excess Flow Valves (EFV), as well as customisation with customers logo.

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