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D-Vapor 3000 / Vapor 3000 Vaporizers

D-Vapor 3000 / Vapor 3000

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D-Vapor 3000 / Vapor 3000

The new Vapor 3000 vaporizers offer advanced features to better prepare you for the challenges of today’s operating room – such as visibility in darker environments. In combination with the Perseus® A500 anesthesia machine, the Vapor 3000 vaporizers offer a new level of confidence.


The Vapor 3000 series now comes with integrated illumination for both the control dial and filling level indicators. This means you can be sure of your supply and your dosage levels even in dark environments and without the need for additional light sources. The level indicator now magnifies the agent level for better, wide-angle visibility. A blue stripe at the back of the glass further enhances the view of the agent level.

No recalibration

The new family of vaporizers helps you save time: they do not need to be recalibrated at any time during their period of use.

Communication with the Perseus A500

Optimized to seamlessly communicate with the Perseus A500, the Vapor 3000 series offers a new level of confidence. When mounted on the Perseus A500, vaporizers are automatically recognized and identified. The type and control dial setting of each vaporizer can easily be viewed directly on the screen of the Perseus A500. Now, clinicians have a single location to view vaporizer settings, measured anesthetic agent concentrations and other essential ventilation information – without sacrificing the feel and functionality of mechanical vaporizers. Additionally, low vaporizer filling levels are automatically indicated by an acoustic signal and visual alarms on the Perseus A500 screen.


Vapor 3000 / D-Vapor 3000 Product Information, en-us
Vapor 3000 / D-Vapor 3000 Product Information, en-us

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