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Dräger Vapor® 2000 and D-Vapor® Vaporizers

Dräger Vapor® 2000 and D-Vapor®

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Dräger Vapor® 2000 and D-Vapor®

​With over 400,000 units sold around the world, Dräger vaporizers have set high standards for more than 50 years. Consistent, long-lasting quality made in Germany – by Dräger.

Economy meets ergonomics

​Both the Vapor 2000 and the D-Vapor have been designed to accommodate 300 ml of liquid anesthetic. That is more than the entire volume of a standard bottle. You can even add 250 ml if the Vapor is not quite empty. This means you can easily refill a Vapor and have it back in service quickly without having to worry about where to store the remainder of the anesthetic you are using.

Highly compatible

​Dräger vaporizers were designed to work with practically any Dräger anesthesia workstation. They come equipped with compatible connectors for both Dräger (DW-2000) and Selectatec (S-2000) as well as the standard 23mm ISO connector.

Made with patient safety in mind

​The color of each vaporizer corresponds to the color code of the anesthetic agent for which it was designed. The shape of each filling nozzle prevents filling the vaporizer with the wrong anesthetic agent. Our new Dräger AutoExclusion comfort mounting also effectively eliminates the possibility of activating more than one vaporizer at a time. Once one vaporizer is turned on, the other is automatically blocked. Taken together, these features result in enhanced patient safety and a reduced likelihood of significant user error.

Backup power

​The D-Vapor differs in function slightly. It is electrically driven and comes equipped with a battery which maintains function in case of a power failure.

Safe and simple transport

​When set in transport position, both the Dräger Vapor 2000 and the D-Vapor can withstand tipping or even being turned upside down without any ill effects. The anesthetic agent remains safely contained within the vaporizer. After connecting the vaporizer and releasing the transport position, they are immediately ready for operation according to specification.

Operational within a wider temperature range

​The Dräger Vapor 2000 and D-Vapor can be safely operated at temperatures ranging from 10 – 40 °C. This makes them particularly suitable for use in operating rooms where cooling or heating is an essential factor, such as in pediatric surgery, cardiac surgery, burn units, and orthopedics.

Zero calibration

​The Vapor line of vaporizers requires absolutely no calibration: This saves you time.


Vapor 2000 and D-Vapor Product Information, en-us
Vapor 2000 and D-Vapor Product Information, en-us

Intuitive anesthesia control in your hands


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