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Training for DOT

The US Department of Transportation requires training for all technicians performing DOT breath alcohol tests. Whether you use a Dräger breathalyzer or one from another manufacturer, we offer high-quality personalized trainings for all DOT Breath Alcohol Technicians in a number of formats and options to keep your program up and running. All of our breathalyzer trainings meet the mandates in 49 CFR Part 40.213. To request DOT training please click the contact us button.

Instrument Proficiency Training

We offer instrument proficiency training on all Dräger for DOT models. If you use more than one of our breathalyzer units, we can perform training on all models in one class, for no additional charge.

Training Venues

Classroom Courses: If you prefer traditional classroom training, you can join one of the scheduled courses included in our National Training Schedule. If you have a number of employees to train, we also can train at your location. Whether you join others in a class or schedule one just for your company, classroom training allows all of the attendees to share experiences and offers a rich learning environment.

On-line Options: If you need training without travel, we provide person-to-person training using the Internet. This is a fully interactive training, offered in a one-on-one or group environment. You can join peers in a collaborative class or schedule a personal training, tailored to your schedule. This option can be perfect for tight budgets or training timeframes.


How do I find a training/ trainer near me?
Click the Contact Us button and send us your information or e-mail the DOT trainer at

How often do I have to be re-trained?
DOT Breath Alcohol Technician certifications are valid for five years and Dräger Train-the-Trainer is good for three years.

Does a Dräger BAT course include internal calibration training?
No. Anyone who intends to perform internal calibrations on their Dräger unit MUST attend a Dräger calibration course.

I have a small staff. What is the most cost-effective way to train them?
We suggest a Train-the-Trainer course. You can send one person to the class and they will be able to train the rest of your BATs.

If I have a Train-the-Trainer certificate, can I train anyone outside of my company?
No. A Train-the-Trainer certificate is only valid for training others within your organization.

Training Levels

Along with DOT Breath Alcohol Technician training, we also provide a Train-the-Trainer course, allowing your employees to return to your facility, able to train your staff as BATs.


We know that funding can be very tight, especially when it comes to training. By offering web options, Train-the-Trainer courses and multiple instrument training, we can help you keep you travel costs low. Dräger can help you keep your office DOT compliant for less!

Why Choose Dräger

Safety happens with high quality and interactive training. Dräger's training program, coupled with our superior instrumentation will allow your company to remain DOT compliant. Our knowledgeable trainers will also remain available as personal contacts to provide any help you might need.

  • Courses blend curriculum and real world examples
  • Explores industry and legal trends
  • Diverse training staff includes trainers from a variety of backgrounds
  • Person-to-person training, in all formats

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