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Dräger Babyleo® TN500

​The Babyleo® TN500 is Dräger’s first IncuWarmer that provides optimal thermoregulation for neonates in open care, closed care and transition. With the combination of three heat sources, this device protects your little patients so they can grow while making your workflow easier with quick and comfortable access to the baby.

Redefining Thermoregulation – Keeping the temperature stable

​Babyleo is the first IncuWarmer to continually stabilize temperature while still providing an easier workflow, noise and light monitoring, family centered care and excellent infection prevention. The convective heater, dual radiant warmer and heated mattress are synchronized to keep the temperature stable so heat loss and overheating are minimized. Switching heat modes is immediate giving quick access with minimal to no heat loss. New advanced therapy modes standardize care procedures and optimizes the cost of care. “Weaning Mode” helps automate the weaning of patients out of incubators. The “cooling mode” supports and optimizes hypothermia induced therapy, and “Warm up mode” regulates patient’s temperature during admission.

Creating an environment condusive to neonatal development and care

​The Babyleo supports developmental care practices with tools and features that help protect the baby from harmful stimuli. The unique, low operating noise level paired with noise and light monitoring inside the patient compartment aligns with recommended NICU guidelines. Personalized “Family view” feature and “Kangaroo mode” brings parent closer to the care process, improving overall outcomes and CAHPS scores. Unique and safe integrated audio function allows parents to play music or a recording of the mother’s heartbeat or voice, helping the development of the baby.

Making your workflow easier and more efficient.

​Babyleo’s ergonomic design provides easy access through the hood, side walls, or jumbo ports without compromising the patient temperature. Transfer device settings via USB makes the patient transition quicker. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate through the display including our Touch-Turn Confirm operating concept. Automatic modes are included so you have more time to focus on the baby instead of the device.

Meeting high infection prevention practices

​The device's smooth surfaces and limited number of parts for disassembly make cleaning fast and easy. The completely closed humidification system, plus the fact that humidification is provided by steam from boiled water, eliminates the risk of germs entering the system. The automatic humidifier cleaning mode heats up the remaining water in the humidification reservoir until the reservoir is clean and empty when the device is not in use.


Care for preemies like never before
Care for preemies like never before


Mattresses and Temperature Probes Quick Guide
Mattresses and Temperature Probes Quick Guide


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Babyleo Mother's Voice Card, en_us


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