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Refuge Chamber for Mining Refuge Chambers

Refuge Chamber for Mining

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Refuge Chamber for Mining

Mining refuge chambers provide means of refuge in emergencies which require the allocation of a breathable atmosphere- usually on occurrence of combustion gases.

Dräger provides refuge chambers as mobile units for mining. This chambers are planned commonly with the customers. To achieve a high degree of efficiency and profitability, these customized solutions are combined with standardized components as far as possible. These components are proven in several applications.

The chambers are equipped with isolation breathing gas protection with positive pressure atmosphere to protect people from contamination until rescue teams arrive.

Customized to meet your mine safety requirements

The requirements of a mine refuge chamber can be as diverse as the mine itself. For example, a comprehensive risk assessment or the mine conditions may demand a specially designed refuge chamber or additional features. At Dräger, we have decades of engineering experience in tailoring refuge chambers to specific mine safety requirements. We also have a worldwide service network—which enables us to provide timely support and helps reduce the cost of ownership.

Incorporates local standards and regulations

Local mine regulations around the world can vary considerably. Dräger’s engineered chamber solutions offer the highest flexibility to meet the required standards and best practices. Regardless of whether the requirements are imposed by official regulations, mine requirements, or environmental conditions, Dräger refuge chambers provide the highest levels of flexibility in their design. The concept considers all requirements, including life support systems, electrical systems, and general conditions.

A safe haven without compromise

In emergency situations, miners taking refuge need a life support system they can rely on to protect them from danger. This might include protection against heat stress or falling rock, an uncompromised supply of safe and clean breathing air or gas detection system, and a reliable, independent electrical system. Dräger’s engineered chamber solutions offer the highest quality and safety standards to keep miners safe until mine rescue teams can reach them.


Dräger Engineered Refuge Solutions Product Information, en
Dräger Engineered Refuge Solutions Product Information, en


Safety and Rescue in mining and tunnel construction
Safety and Rescue in mining and tunnel construction

Even today, mining and tunnel construction are still filled with dangers for those working underground. Complying with legal guidelines, regulations and standards alone is no guarantee of safety. Risks can only be detected early on, systematically reduced and eliminated if the building contractor operates an allencompassing system of risk management.


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