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Dräger Polytron® 8100 EC

The Polytron® 8100 EC is Dräger’s top of the line explosion-proof transmitter for the detection of toxic gases or oxygen. It uses a high performance plug and play electrochemical DrägerSensor to detect a specific gas. Besides having a 3-wire 4 to 20 mA analog output with relays, it also offers HART®, Modbus and Fieldbus protocol, making it compatible with most control systems.

Durable, intelligent and sensitive – the DrägerSensor®

​With unique electrochemical DrägerSensors, Polytron 8100 can detect over 100 toxic gases and oxygen. These long life sensors provide continuous detection even under the harshest conditions. DrägerSensors offer the industry’s widest temperature and humidity range between -40 °C to +65 °C (-40 °F to +150 °F). The built-in memory contains all calibration and configuration information: therefore the sensor ships pre calibrated and is ready for immediate operation. An intelligent sensor self-test function allows for predictive maintenance. The intrinsically safe connection of the sensor eliminates the need for a flame arrestor, giving you faster response times and higher sensitivity.

Easy device management via digital communication

​The Dräger Polytron 8100 is equipped with digital interfaces allowing for quick and easy remote interrogation of the transmitter’s state. Integration with existing asset management systems such as PACTware is possible via DTM. In addition to the common HART® communication system, the fieldbus interfaces with PROFIBUS® PA, FOUNDATION fieldbus H1, and Modbus RTU are also available.

Same design, same operating principle

​The Dräger Polytron 8100 belongs to the Polytron 8000 series. All transmitters in this series have the same design and user interface. This allows for uniform operation with reduced training and maintenance requirements. The large graphic backlit display shows status information clearly and in an easy to use format. The measured gas concentration, selected gas type, and measuring unit are displayed during normal operation. Colored LEDs (green, yellow and red) provide additional alarm and status information. The Polytron 8100 is operated by means of a magnetic wand over contact surfaces.

Three relays for controlling external equipment

​Upon request, the Dräger Polytron 8100 can also be supplied with three integrated relays. This enables you to use it as an independent gas detection system with two arbitrarily adjustable concentration alarms and one fault alarm. Audible alarms, signal lights or similar devices can thus be controlled locally without an additional cable between the transmitter and central controller.

Safe, robust housing for every application

​Polytron 8100 features a Class I, Div. 1 rated explosion proof enclosure made from epoxy coated aluminium or 316L stainless steel, making it suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions.

Remote sensor option does not require conduit

​The remote sensor enclosure allows you to install the sensor separately from the transmitter. This 'external' installation makes it easier to use if the sensor has to be installed in a difficult to access or unfavorable position.

More functions through dongles

​With different software dongles, additional functions can be added to the Polytron 8100. The data logger dongle comes as standard and continuously records gas readings and events. A sensor test dongle is available for additional sensor self-test functionality. A third dongle is available for advanced sensor diagnosis. These dongles indicate the sensor’s vitality, giving you an estimate of the sensor’s remaining service life.


Electrochemical DrägerSensor Product Information, en-us
Electrochemical DrägerSensor Product Information, en-us

When you need to selectively measure the smallest concentrations of airborne toxic gases and oxygen under ambient conditions, Electrochemical DrägerSensors are your answer.


Polytron 8100 EC Product Information, en-us
Polytron 8100 EC Product Information, en-us

The Polytron® 8100 EC is Dräger’s top of the line explosion proof transmitter for the detection of toxic gases or oxygen. It uses a high performance plug and play electrochemical DrägerSensor® to detect a specific gas.


Gas List Brochure, en
Gas List Brochure, en

List of detectable gases and vapours.


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AI Duct Adapter, EC Sensing Head Remote 9033246 ME
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Polytron 8100 Brochure EN-US
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Russian & CIS Approvals please contact Olga Timofejev
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Fixed gas detectors, sensors and substances

Dräger gas detectors can be used with different sensors to detect a large number of hazardous substances. Check which sensor fits into this detector by searching for a substance. Contact our experts to get more information on our wide portfolio.

Search for substance

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Product configurations

for the device Dräger Polytron 8100

Utilise for 83 Substances

34 matching Sensor(s)

Technical Data

Key Facts

Cable entry
M20 or 3/4" NPT
Intrinsic Safety
Increased Safety
✓ SIL 2 (IEC 61508-1-3)
4-20 mA

Technical Data

Power Supply
10 to 30 V DC, 3-wire
Temperature (operation)
-40°F - 149°F
0 to 100% r.h., non-condensing
Pressure (hPa)
700 - 1300
Dimensions (H × W × D)
0.92x0.49x0.43 ft
11.02 lb
Housing Material
Epoxy coated copper-free aluminum or stainless steel SS316 L
Degree of protection (IP class)


CE marking
Performance approval
✓ (O2, H2S)
Shipping approval (MED)

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