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Dräger Testor 2500

​The Dräger Testor 2500 is a compact, versatile test unit for the static tests of your breathing protection equipment. Testing is reliable, easy, and convenient. The compact design enables it to be integrated smoothly into any breathing protection workshop.

Versatile testing options

​The Dräger Testor 2500 is designed for tests in the low – and medium-pressure range. They are especially suitable for testing:

  • full face masks
  • compressed air breathing apparatus
  • lung demand valves
  • chemical protection suits

Quick and easy to operate

​Use the Dräger Testor 2500 to test your breathing protection equipment conveniently and reliably. It features a clear control panel with two pressure gauges, timers, and control levers. Negative and positive pressure is generated intuitively.

The Dräger Testor 2500 is independent of inlet pressure thanks to the integrated pressure reducer. Any medium pressure from 58 to 145 psi (4 to 10 bar) may be applied.

Realistic mask testing

​The test head of the Testor 2500 has a natural shape. It is securely mounted, and the gel face may be replaced by the user as required. The design eliminates the need for any inflation and deflation of the test head. The new gel face II is more robust due to the optimized material composition. This enables full breathing protection masks to be tested faster and better in less time.

Improved user friendliness

​Lung demand valves may be tested with an adapter, which connects easily to the mouth opening on the test head. Because there is no head inflation, the Dräger Testor 2500 only features two control levers. Switching over the valves is also unnecessary. The small measuring range of -15 to +25 mbar is easier to read. This makes the device easier and more convenient to use.

Integration is possible in any workshop

​With its compact size and robust design, the Dräger Testor 2500 fits into any workshop. A base plate (optional) also enables the device to snap onto the workbench mounting of the Dräger Quaestor 5000. The gel face II is used for both testing device types. This ensures maximum compatibility and increases the efficiency of your workshop.

Versatile training services

​The Dräger Academy offers you a broad training program for the professional application and correct operation of our testing devices.


Testor 2500 Product Information, en-us
Testor 2500 Product Information, en-us


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