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Drägersorb® 400 is a product of the series whose development was promoted in combination with the closed-circuit breathing apparatus. As a result, high-tech devices and absorbents were produced which are perfectly matched and correspond to the state of the art. Drägersorb® 400 is used to absorb acid gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), in closed or semi-closed circuit breathing apparatus, e.g. for mining.

High CO2 absorption capacity

​The large inner active surface ensures a high CO2 absorption capacity.

Reproducible absorption

​Even filling of the absorbent cartridge enables reproducible absorption.

High abrasion resistance

High abrasion resistance and, thus, reduced generation of dust.

Unique pellet form

Low breathing resistance due to the hemispherical pellet form and the uniform packing density.


Drägersorb 400 Product Information, en-us
Drägersorb 400 Product Information, en-us

Drägersorb® 400 soda limes are a range of products with a long tradition that have always been developed in line with our closed-circuit breathing apparatuses.


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