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Soda Lime

As one of the leading manufacturers of anesthesia equipment, we have developed, Drägersorb®, a high-quality soda lime that has been tested and validated for compatibility with all our anesthesia machines.

Granular Shape

  • unique semi-hemispherical pellet design reduces channel formation and, therefore, premature disposal
  • the combination of the pellet strength and porosity, leads to high CO2 absorption and low abrasion


  • high CO2 absorption due to the lack of channel formation increases utilization time
  • smooth pellet surface produces less dust thus creating a safer environment for patients and clinicians

Chemical Composition

  • high levels of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) proves more efficient for absorption
  • elimination (DS Free)/minimization (DS 800 plus) of decomposition products produces no detectable Compound A or carbon monoxide under certain studied clinical conditions1


  • optimized cylinder shape of the canister is designed to eliminate channel formation in order to reduce channeling
  • Enhances safety by preventing direct contact with soda lime or dust
  • The CLIC absorber can be changed at any time, even during surgical procedures which means that the soda lime can be completely exhausted before exchanging, reducing waste and costs
  • customer-friendly packaging ensures easy handling and disposable with routine waste


Product Information Sheet: Drägersorb 800+
Product Information Sheet: Drägersorb 800+


Product Information Sheet: Drägersorb Free
Product Information Sheet: Drägersorb Free


Drägersorb 800 Plus Safety Data Sheet, en-EU
Drägersorb 800 Plus Safety Data Sheet, en-EU


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