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Dräger Evita® Infinity® V500 ICU Ventilators

Dräger Evita® Infinity® V500

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Dräger Evita® Infinity® V500

Master the challenges of today’s intensive care environment with the Evita Infinity V500 ventilation system.

Setting new trends in ventilation

The Evita Infinity V500 is a highly advanced ventilation unit for use in acute care respiratory support for adult, pediatric and infant use. Delivering high performance ventilation capabilities, comprehensive monitoring and effective treatment functions, the Evita Infinity V500 is the ideal choice for respiratory care clinicians and intensivists alike.

A wide range of treatment options enable you to manage the needs of virtually any acutely ill patient. These options include:

  • Low flow PV Loop maneuver
  • QuickSet® Pressure and I:E Link
  • Automated, knowledge-based weaning with SmartCare®/PS

This system helps you successfully manage one of the most common issues in non-invasive ventilation, which is patient-interface leakage. The Evita Infinity V500 recognizes and compensates for leakage quickly by adjusting both inspiratory trigger and termination points. Therefore, optimal synchrony is maintained.


High performance ventilation during transport – critical patients require diagnostic testing outside of the ICU. The Evita Infinity V500 is capable of maintaining high level therapy outside of the ICU without compromise.

With the optional GS500, the Evita Infinity V500 is equipped with a source of compressed air. The optional PS500 power supply provides independence from AC electricity.

The mobile trolley can also be adapted to carry oxygen cylinders for complete fulfillment of transport requirements.


The monitoring screen of the Evita Infinity V500 utilizes an omni-directional alarm bar which can easily be seen from any point within the patient’s room. This allows for easier visualization of patient conditions, thus increasing safety in the ICU.

The user interface has a multitude of output ports, including USB, RS232, DVI, and Ethernet. This allows for a high degree of flexibility when connecting to other interfaced devices. The standard Medibus protocols are easily adapted by monitoring and information companies alike.

With a few easy steps, the ventilator and patient data are easily downloadable to a USB stick for follow-up or research endeavors.
Evita, Infinity, QuickSet and SmartCare are registered trademarks of Dräger


Designed with the clinician in mind, the Evita Infinity V500 was created to streamline workflow, as well as provide sophisticated ventilation with simple easy-to-use features such as:

  • SmartCare®/PS- incorporates an automated knowledge-based weaning protocol with the flexibility to individualize care through configurable patient parameters.

  • Smart Pulmonary View- transforms raw patient data into useful visual information at the bedside. This helps reduce the cognitive workload of ICU staff and rapidly alerts clinicians to changes in patients’ pulmonary status.

  • Accessible instructions for use – enables the clinician to access instructions for use through the user interface screen. This allows for bedside assistance when needed most.


The Evita Infinity V500 is designed to meet the needs of small community hospitals and large university centers alike. The scalable design allows clinicians to adjust ventilation features to changing institutional requirements.

The user interface can be configured in a variety of different means; from simple to the most complex patient cases. This includes numerical measurements, graphical waveforms, and trended data.

As additional features become available, the Evita Infinity V500 ventilation system can be updated through software and hardware upgrades, thus, protecting your initial investment now and in the future.


 Brochure: Evita V500
Brochure: Evita V500


Case Study: Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV) (Ascension St. Francis Hospital)
Case Study: Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV) (Ascension St. Francis Hospital)


Curves and Loops in Mechanical Ventilation Booklet, en
Curves and Loops in Mechanical Ventilation Booklet, en

by Frank Rittner and Martin Döring


Case Study: Proportional Pressure Support (PPS) (Carle Foundation Hospital)
White Paper: ARDS & APRV
White Paper: Automated Weaning (SmartCare)
White Paper: Integrated O2 Therapy
How To Succeed With ATS And ACCP Ventilator Liberation Guidelines
Datasheet: Evita V500
Brochure: SmartCare/PS
Datasheet: SmartCare Option
Booklet: Protective ventilation (PDF)
Option Sheet: CapnoPlus
CO2-measurement during ventilation, Booklet, en
Option Sheet: Smart Pulmonary View
Option Sheet: Variable PS
Clinical Booklet: It began with the Pulmotor - One Hundred Years of Artificial Ventilation
Clinical Booklet: Non-invasive Ventilation
Clinical Booklet: SmartCare/PS - Automated Weaning Protocol
Clinical Booklet: Ventilation Modes (Nomenclature)
Evita V500 Online Product Trainer

Technical Data

Protective Ventilation

Operational Application
Fully-featured, high-performance ventilation
Patient categories
Adults, pediatrics, neonates
Inspiratory Flow
max. 180 L/min

Ventilation Modes

Volume controlled ventilation
Pressure controlled ventilation
Support of spontaneous breathing

Technical Data

Screen Display
17" color touch
Serial interfaces
Internal Battery
30 min
External Battery
✓ Optional


Smart Pulmonary View
✓ Standard
variable Pressure Support
✓ Optional
✓ Optional
✓ Standard
Volume Guarantee
✓ Optional
Non-invasive ventilation
✓ Optional
CO2 Monitoring
✓ Optional
✓ Standard
O2 therapy
✓ Standard
✓ Standard
✓ Standard

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Evita V500 Product Trainer

Get to know the Evita V500 ventilator with our Product Trainer. Select Guided or Manual simulation to review how the ventilator functions with setting changes. Make sure to select English US to begin.

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