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Dräger FPS® 7000

Firefighting requires working under hazardous conditions with poor visibility. Designed to offer optimal visibility, the Dräger FPS 7000 full face mask sets new standards in terms of personal safety, protection and comfort. The popularity of this SCBA mask is due to a large, unobstructed field of vision and a very comfortable and secure fit, while reducing or eliminating fogging during use.

180° field of vision offers unobstructed view

The Dräger FPS 7000 has a large distortion-free polycarbonate visor that gives you an exceptionally wide field of vision, even in the most challenging situations. To reduce or eliminate fogging of the lens, the innovative design provides an even distribution of air across the mask.

Secure and comfortable fit

At Dräger, we understand that faces come in different shapes and sizes—so we designed the FPS 7000 accordingly. The mask is available in three sizes and has a double-sealed body with triple-sealing edges to conform to the shape of the face. The mask comes in highly chemically resistant EPDM rubber with a hairnet that is designed to be donned and doffed quickly and easily.

Highly versatile mask supports multiple devices

Dräger’s line of FPS 7000 full face masks are approved for use with the Dräger PSS® 7000 and PSS 5000 SCBA, and other Draeger Breathing Apparatus. As a result, each person only needs to be fit tested on one mask.

Seamless integration with communication systems

The Dräger FPS 7000 mask is designed to be integrated with the Dräger FPS-COM 5000 and FPS-COM 7000* communication systems. To offer the optimal solution for each communication need in the field, the mask can be tailored with the appropriate communication systems. Whether you need a voice amplifier, tactical radio interface or team communication, each can be directly integrated into the mask for easy use.

360 Product View

Draeger FPS 7000 360


FPS 7000 Product Information Sheet, en-us
FPS 7000 Product Information Sheet, en-us

The Dräger FPS® 7000 full face mask series sets new standards in terms of safety and wearing comfort. Thanks to its enhanced ergonomics and the availability of multiple sizes, it offers a large, optimized field of vision and a very comfortable, secure fit.


Collateral: Spare Parts for FPS 7000, HUD, and FPS-COM 5000 (Poster)
Collateral: Spare Parts for FPS 7000, HUD, and FPS-COM 5000 (Poster)

(Acrobat .PDF) Parts breakdown poster for FPS 7000 Mask, HUD, FPS-COM 5000 communication system.


IFU FPS 7000 - 9021649 de-me
IFU FPS 7000 - 9021649 de-me

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


IfU FPS 7000 9021721
IFU FPS 7000 9021767 ME
IfU FPS 7000 9031013 me
IFU FPS 7000 9031356 en-us, es me
Portfolio Highlight Brochure Oil and Gas, en
Video: Changes in 2018 Edition NFPA-Certified SCBAs

Technical Data

Key Facts

Product type
Single-port full face mask
Protection against
Particles and / or gases and vapors - depending on the system used
Mask body material
EPDM or Silicone (skin-friendly)
S, M, L
Communication system

Front port options

Dräger-specific Bayonet connection
RA -Standard thread connection Rd40 (according to EN 148-1)
PE-thread connection M45x3 (according to EN 148-3)
ESA-plug-in connection (according to DIN 58600)
P-Dräger plug-in connection
RP-Dräger plug-in connection (closed-circuit)

System components

Dräger X-plore bayonet filters (APR)
Dräger X-plore Rd40 filters (APR)
Dräger X-plore 8000 (PAPR)
Dräger X-plore 9000 (airline unit)
Dräger PSS series (SCBA)
Dräger PSS BG 4 plus (CCBA)

Visor material

PC (impact-proof)
Triplex (scratch-proof and chemical resistant)
PCas (impact-, scratch-proof, increased chemical resistance)
APEC (impact-proof, increased heat resistance)
APECas (impact-, scratch-proof, increased chemical resistance)

Head harness

5-point rubber head harness
2-point connection for Dräger HPS 7000 helmets
Textile hairnet


EN approval
EN 136 class 3; EN 137 type 2
DIN 58610
VFDB 0802 (RA, PE, ESA)
AS/NZS 1716:2012
✓ (certain variants)
✓ (certain variants)

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