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Dräger FRS 4800

​The Dräger FRS 4800 is a dual bin CO2 scrubbing system for fixed refuge shelters. Each of the bins has an independent fan and the system has an on-board battery back-up system for 48 hours. For gas monitoring, an optional Dräger X-am® 7000 multi-gas monitor is available with sensors for oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

Easy to use

​The Dräger FRS 4800 is very easy to use: simply fill the bins with soda lime and press the start button to engage the fan.

Optional oxygen regulators

​Dräger can provide optional O2 regulators. The oxygen supply should be close to the FRS so that it's easy to reference the Oxygen Dosage Chart located on the inside of the lid.

Efficient dual fan/Soda lime bin configuration

​The FRS has two bins for soda lime, each operating independently from the other.

Independent quality testing

​To ensure quality of the system, the electrical system is inspected by a nationally recognized test lab.

Battery Back-up

​The FRS includes industrial gel cell batteries to power the FRS for up to 48 hours. If a longer duration is required, Dräger can provide an optional set of external batteries in a case that would be placed adjacent to the FRS.

Standard electrical connection

​The FRS has a standard electrical connection that accepts most 120VAC extension cords.


FRS 4800 Product Information, en-us
FRS 4800 Product Information, en-us


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