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Gas Detection Connect Software

Gas Detection Connect

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Gas Detection Connect

Dräger Gas Detection Connect is your connection to the digital future of workplace safety. The system connects individual Dräger products through a smart software solution. It's accessible anywhere, any time, enabling you to manage your equipment optimally and always keep track of the position and status of your gas detection equipment and workers. That means a safer workforce and greater efficiency at your plant.

Full control, anywhere, any time

The web application lets you continually monitor the position and movement of people based on GPS data from their smartphones. Live data from the Dräger Pac and X-am 2800 devices, such as measured values and the device status, can also be checked in the web application. In case of an alarm, you will be informed immediately. And best of all: You only pay for what you use. That means you are only billed for hours in which data is sent live to the cloud backend.

Manage your equipment more efficiently

​In the Dräger Gas Detection Connect web application, you can easily and quickly view information about your devices. The data, certificates and test results of the gas detectors are transferred to the cloud backend through the Dräger X-dock stations. Using the integrated the Azure Cloud backend, you can manage and store device data, test information, measurement data and other information collected from the test stations. And the connection works both ways: Firmware updates can be distributed to test stations through the backend. Since your X-dock stations are always connected, we offer you attractive flat-fee prices.

Get the most out of your data

​The user-friendly design lets you view and use your data optimally. Both real-time events and past events that have been transmitted and documented to the cloud backend through the smartphone app or the Dräger X-dock stations can be viewed and exported any time. All your event and device data can be narrowed down using filters and search functions, or even exported as an Excel spreadsheet.

Flexible functionality

​The flexible role and rights management system lets you easily adapt the system to your needs. You decide whether your users are allowed to see the people on the map or not, whether they are allowed to see plain text names or only IDs, and whether they can access the X-dock station. Specified rights enable you to create specific roles and assign users individually.

Data protection and data security

​A range of measures ensure the protection and security of your data, which is backed up to the cloud at least every six hours: Roles and rights allow you to set who can view which personal data. Location profiles are decoupled from personal data after one hour if there is no alarm. High security standards naturally apply to access options, encryption and provisioning of the devices.

Plannable IT costs

​Dräger Gas Detection Connect is a ready-to-use system that requires no IT support from your side. Shortly after your order is complete, the software is ready for you to access online. The IT infrastructure costs for the software are fully covered by Dräger. That is: The use of the Microsoft® Azure Cloud, hosting of the data, software updates and support functions are all included in the licence. With our central Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, you can significantly reduce your internal IT efforts.

Highest standards of data security

​Cybersecurity plays an essential role for us at every stage of the development cycle. In this area, our products also meet the highest standards. At Dräger, we work with an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to control, maintain and continuously improve information security.


Gas Detection Connect Product Information, en
Gas Detection Connect Product Information, en


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